5 Best Foods for Boosting your Immune System

The immune system plays an essential role in your body. It offers protection against harmful substances which cause illness. Germs and change of cells causes diseases but thanks to the immune system that guards your body generously. The presence of the immune system may be unnoticeable if it’s running smoothly. The immune system enables you to adapt to new environments without ailing.

If you practice a healthy lifestyle, you are less likely to have immune system problems. However, you can have a lower immune system right from birth. It is possible to improve your weak immune system; through medical treatment, often exercising, and best of all, eating healthy foods. Healthy eating must not be expensive, so don’t flick out. The foods you eat for boosting the immune system are cheap and available in local markets. There are many issues that can be corrected with the help of right diet. For instance, if you are wondering does apple juice make you poop, the answer is yes.

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Below is a list of top best foods that WHO recommends for boosting your immunity;

  1. Oranges

Oranges are the most popular citric fruits. They are readily available at local markets. The high concentration of citric juices has multiple health benefits, hence boosting your immune system. Some of the health benefits you get from oranges include;

  • Improves the health of your heart

Health problems are the most leading cause of untimely deaths globally. Oranges have flavonoids that prevent heart diseases. A recent study shows that daily intake of orange juice can help in blood thinning hence reducing blood pressure. The high fiber in oranges lowers the cholesterol level in the blood; high cholesterol triggers heart problems.

  • Prevent formation of stone in the kidney

Oranges have potassium that prevents the kidney stone from forming, which causes kidney problems. Citric acid from oranges also plays a vital role in preventing the formation of kidney stones.

  1. Blueberries

Blueberries are nutritious and sweet. Their list of health benefits is endless. It is a cheap and effective booster of your immune system. The following are some blueberries’ health benefits;

  • Prevention of Urinary tract Infections

Urinary tract infections, commonly known as UTI, the leading cause is E.coli.Blueberries are an excellent source of cranberry juice that prevents bacteria to bind urinary bladder walls.

  • Reduces muscle damages after strenuous activities

Strenuous activities may result in muscle soreness and a feeling of fatigue. Soreness and fatigue leading causes are muscle tissue inflammation and oxidative stress.

Blueberries have a supplement that reduces muscle inflammation and fatigue. A study shows that female athletes rely on blueberry supplements to speed up muscle recovery.

  1. Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are root vegetables that are sweet and have robust health benefits. Some of the top health benefits are;

  • Diabetes management

Sweet potatoes have a modest glycemic index that enables the slow release of sugars in the bloodstream, contrary to other starchy foods. Even sugar release regulates sugar levels in your blood; they should not be too high or too low. Sweet potatoes are suitable for both diabetes 1 and 2.

  • Management of stress levels

Our society today has a lot of causes of mental stress. It is not easy to manage your stress levels and depression each day. However, sweet potatoes play a significant role in stress and depression management. They have high magnesium levels making them suitable for stress and anxiety reduction.

  1. Spinach

Spinach may seem like a simple green leafy vegetable but has multiple health benefits. Spinach is easy to find even at your local groceries. Spinach top health benefits are as follows;

  • Cancer prevention

Cancer is a deadly global threat to the health system. It infects and affects both the rich and the poor. However, a simple leafy like spinach is effective prevention of cancer. Its high levels of zeaxanthin and carotenoids work magic for cancer prevention.

  • It helps in good bone health.

Good bone health is another health benefit of spinach; it has a high vitamin K source of vitamin k. Spinach also has calcium minerals which contribute to good health for your bones. Calcium strengthens your bones regardless of your age.

  • Helps indigestion

Spinach is a rich source of fiber. Fiber plays a significant role in the process of digestion. It fastens digestion which reduces stomach disorders. Regular spinach intakes prevent and cure constipation problems.

Bottom Line

The immune system acts as an effective guard for our bodies against diseases. A weak immune system makes it vulnerable to diseases. Healthy  You don’t want to break your legs repeatedly; increase spinach intakes for calcium.

Stomach ulcers can be a significant distraction from your daily routines; therefore, consume a lot of sweet potatoes. The mention of the word cancer is all scary; take more blueberries. Everyday stress and depression are not easy to deal with, but with an ordinary sweet potato, you can manage. If you want to boost your immune system anytime, consider taking the above top nutritious foods more often.

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