5 Boring But Crucial Technologies That Can Affect Your Business

There are many technologies that are underappreciated all the time, but fulfill crucial functions for everyday life and even business. They might not be the most exciting parts about running an enterprise, but they are worth knowing about. If nothing else, being aware of them will help you react faster if something about them goes wrong. Not getting caught off-guard could be the difference between a timely recovery or major losses on the part of your business.

With regard to specifics, these technologies can affect everything from the power supply to the smooth management of your finances. You have to remember that many of the things that you are using now don’t need your understanding to work. When they stop working as needed, though, this is when your lack of awareness can hamstring your progress. You may not be the one to fix those problems, but you can cope well enough that you can avoid disasters.

But what are these relatively boring but crucial technologies you need to know about?

Industrial Pipes and Valves

There is no shortage of misconceptions and misunderstandings when it comes to how modern society functions on a daily basis. Most people don’t even know what goes on under the paved streets that provide power, water, gas, and more. These are made possible by industrial pipes and valves that facilitate the transfer of materials from one point to another. Through painstaking innovations, the modern products of industrial plumbing have enabled numerous other advancements, which businesses use all the time.

5 Boring But Crucial Technologies That Can Affect Your Business 5

Sturdy, thick, and often miles-long networks of pipes and valves often criss-cross underneath cities to deliver necessary utilities to everyone. These are not just any pipes and valves, however, and only high-quality units are used for large metropolitan areas. Many of them use xhval industrial valves for their pipes to prevent cracks and constant maintenance issues. There is also the question of safety in transporting water or gas since impurities can also be a major problem.

Machine Learning

Even now, machine learning is influencing businesses that have even a remote connection to the internet or relying on smart assistants. This is due to the fact that many of the algorithms being employed for data sharing and transfers are evolving. Due to the amount of data being fed into machines that end up processing them, they are becoming smarter. Smarter machines lead to more efficient functions that then provide better services to users and to businesses with online operations.

Now, it’s understandable that a lot of business owners might have no interest in understanding machine learning more. With all of the numbers, codes, scripts, and various technobabble involved, it can be quite an underwhelming topic to talk about. This still does not change the fact that machine learning is now embedded deep into modern society without question. You now have a technology that affects every single app on your phone, for example, and your business computer. 

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been around for a long time and at this point, it has become indispensable in business operations

. In fact, many of today’s most influential software products are heavily reliant on this technology to even work as intended. Bookkeeping, file sharing, data storage, and many more processes can only function with cloud computing. Without this piece of innovation, the speed of communication, data tracking, and security access would be a lot slower.
5 Boring But Crucial Technologies That Can Affect Your Business 6

With that said, there is no doubt that cloud computing is as boring as they come and few like discussing it. The function is almost so mundane that it is easy to take for granted, nevermind how it keeps everything together. Even businesses that have low online interactions can’t escape the pervading presence of cloud computing in its day to day operations. When a cloud server goes down, for example, businesses can ground to a halt until it’s back again.

Solid-State Batteries

Although Solid-State Batteries have been around for a few years, few understand how influential they are predicted to become. They are more stable, safe, more efficient, and last longer compared to their lithium-ion counterparts, which makes them more desirable. The fact that you don’t have to worry about them exploding with the same frequency alone is a big deal. As a result, the technology is now generating a lot of excitement in numerous industries that use batteries in their products.

Some of the biggest include the auto industry, smartphone manufacturers, the energy sector, and many more. This technology is expected to change the landscape in many fields of business, even the ones less reliant on technology. Delivery trucks, planes, drones, factory bots, and the like will be affected in one way or another. The fact that solid-state batteries are becoming cheaper with every passing year pretty much guarantees that this will happen. 


Automation has been a major factor in the larger global economy since the 80s when factories started using robots. With the advent of machine learning, advanced artificial intelligence, and constant online connectivity, this trend is exploding like never before. On top of manufacturers relying more and more on machines, robots have also invaded other sectors in unexpected ways. Take the customer service industry, for example, where caller representatives are now being replaced in increasing numbers with bots. 

5 Boring But Crucial Technologies That Can Affect Your Business 7

Your business could also make use of these bots in many ways. They include answering questions from customers, finding information on the web, or even handling part of your operation. Bots that can search out products that you are interested in selling at low prices can be used too.


Many technologies responsible for various business revolutions go unnoticed all the time. They are responsible for making the global economy what it is today. Your enterprise is reliant on these technologies, as well. Knowing about them is how you can prepare if an issue comes up with regard to them.

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