5 Helpful First Date Tips for Girls

Are you planning your first date with a potential partner, but don’t want to screw it up? While you can read a million books on dating, there are a few key aspects that you need to keep in mind for your first date. Be sure to communicate with your date and don’t be afraid to take the lead.

Here are five helpful first date tips for girls that you need to keep in mind.

1. Equal Amounts of Communication

Of all the first date tips out there, communicating effectively on your first date is a great way to not only enjoy your time together, but also decide whether a second date is warranted or not.

When you’re on your first date, make sure that you’re both communicating with each other. Not everyone may have the same level of comfort communicating, so you might need to ask questions from time to time.

If you find that you’re doing all the talking and not letting them, you might ruin your chances with them. Make sure you’re self-aware of how much you’re talking compared to your date.

On the other hand, don’t let them dominate the conversation. Communication is about treating each other as equals. If they continuously cut you off, and you tell them this but they don’t stop, well don’t feel the need to wait out the rest of the date.

2. Take the Lead If You Want To

We live in an era where everyone should be treated equally. This means that if you want to take the lead on the first date, do so. You’re strong and independent—don’t let your potential partner ruin the first date because they don’t know what they’re doing.

If you asked them out on a date but know that their financial situation isn’t the best, then feel free to pay for the date. This sets a precedent that you not only want to spend time with them but also that you’re not bothered by their situation.

If you have your own first date ideas, share this with them. It makes it easier to plan the first date when you two are on the same page, rather than them trying to meet expectations that they have no idea are there.

Rather than waiting for them to make the first move, if you want to kiss first, you can go for it. As long as it’s consensual, there is nothing stopping you from being the move-maker.

3. Match Your Style To the Occasion

Learning what to wear on a first date is just as important as anything else on this list. You need to match your style and clothes to the occasion and the person.

For instance, say you both agree to go to a fair together for your first date. Talk with each other about what you’re going to wear and even coordinate your style together. You don’t need to match, but you could at least be on the same level when it comes to the way that you two are dressing.

This also sets the standard for each other. If they or you fail to follow through on your word and you end up getting overdressed or underdressed for the occasion, it makes that person look bad.

This applies to your makeup and perfume. The fair has a lot of scents going on and if you still manage to be the only thing they smell, you might have overdone it. You also don’t want to overdo the makeup and look like you are part of the clown group.

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4. Set Realistic Expectations

Set realistic expectations for your first date with this person. Unrealistic standards can lead to disaster when no real disaster occurs.

If you’re both on a tight budget, a meal at a casual restaurant should be good enough for both of you. You start off on the right foot with each other and don’t get stressed out about not really being able to afford the meal.

Now say the other person talks about going all out—a fancy dinner, a fun activity, and a car ride afterward. Even though they are setting the expectations, you can’t get your hopes up.

The truth is, no matter how much you plan, you can’t control outside factors. If it starts to rain, even with a low chance, then that could put a damper on both the activity and the car ride. Go into the date with an open mind and take the night as it comes along.

5. Be Yourself

Ultimately, the best tip for your first date is to be yourself. Hiding who you are is pointless and can even hurt your chances with that person. Chances are they went on the first date because they wanted to get to know you better.

That doesn’t mean let all of yourself out at once. Hold certain items back, like trauma or unfunny life stories. These items can ruin the mood and make the date awkward if they’re not prepared for that type of conversation.

Instead, take pride in who you are and let yourself be yourself. If that means you enjoy making puns or talking about your latest hobby, go for it. These are the things that can help you date to determine if you’re the right partner for them and vice versa.

Use These First Date Tips for Girls To Blow Your Partner Away

Use these first date tips to start getting ready for your date. Remember that if things don’t go as planned, that is okay. Not everything is meant to be and sometimes you just need to accept that and move on.

Otherwise, enjoy yourself and let the date play out as it was meant to.

If you want to learn more dating tips, then be sure to check out the rest of the blog. Know someone that is about to go on their first date? Share this article with them so they can prepare for their first date.

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