5 of the Best Places to Visit in Florida

It is estimated that, on average, over 1000 people move to Florida each day. It is also a vastly popular holiday destination. 

With so many beautiful destinations, how are holiday goers supposed to choose between them? Keep reading to help with your decision with your visit in Florida.

Theme Park City to Visit in Florida

Most of us will love going to a theme park during our time away from home. Orlando delivers for the thrill-seekers in us. 

Not only is Orlando a beautiful city, but it also holds many world-renowned theme parks. One key example would be Universal Studios. You even have the choice to stay in the hotels supplied by the parks to get the most of your trip.

That’s not to say Orlando is solely for amusement parks. On the contrary, the city itself offers a range of activities. For example, the Kennedy Space Center. 

Plan a City Escape

Take a trip to the gorgeous city of Tampa. All you wildlife seekers will find an array of sites to indulge in.

Why not visit Busch gardens to blend your wildlife with an amusement park. Or visit the Tampa aquarium for a stunning array of sea life. 

This city has so much to offer. Take a family trip to Tampa for a vacation you won’t forget. 

A Collection of Sights in One Location

The Florida Keys are made up of over 800 keys. Meaning you will struggle to find nothing to do while you are visiting. 

The Keys tend to have two seasons, the rainy season and the dry season. No matter what time of year you go, there is always something to do. 

Dig out your old fishing rod to catch some beautifully unique fish. Or, take a trip at the end of August to see the Key West yearly Brewfest. 

Catch a Tan at the Beach

Beach lovers will adore a trip to Fort Myers. Take your family to the IMAG History & Science Center to gain some new information in a fun way. 

You may find yourself struggling to choose from the many things to do in Fort Myers Beach. But, it’s not all about swimming in the clear blue sea. 

Baseball fans may enjoy the fact that Fort Myers is home to the Red Sox training ground. So why not try and catch a glimpse of the players at work.

Go for a Party Weekend

Almost everyone around the world will have heard of Miami. This modern, thriving city is a perfect choice for those party seekers. 

The nightlife will find a different club or rooftop bar for each day of the week. You could find a once-in-a-lifetime holiday at this location. 

The city had so much more to offer than just the clubs. With historically rich locations, Miami is also ideal for the whole family. 

Book Your Holiday Today

There are so many unique places to visit in Florida. The final choice is up to you. 

Are you looking for a thrill-seeker, theme park holiday? Would you rather relax on a beach? Or, are you searching for that perfect party weekend? 

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