5 Tips To Start Building A Crypto Wallet Taxes You Always Wanted

A tax account is a powerful tool to assist in the process of creating an accurate return. It records the transactions we enter into and captures the income, deductions, credits, and other items that are relevant for an accurate return. While the tax accounts are not inherently used in preparing a return, there are some that are automatically populated when you go to prepare your return. The primary benefit of the crypto wallet taxes being populated is that you may be able to avoid going through the process of capturing all of your transactions by doing it during the account set up process. You still have to have the transactions, but the tax accounts will automatically populate without you having to fill them in.

The following are some of the Crypto Wallet Taxes that you might want to consider:

1. Document Crypto Gains and Losses

If you are tracking your crypto gains and losses and keeping them in a spreadsheet, you already know that it can be a time consuming process. One of the benefits of keeping your gains, losses, and other cryptocurrency transactions in a tax account is that it will automatically calculate all of the capital gain or loss amounts for you when it is time to prepare your return. While most preparers do not use the software to file taxes for their clients, they will have access to all of the necessary information if they need it.

2. Document and Pay Crypto Taxes

When you create a tax account, you will be able to enter your trading gains and losses and then view the capital gains report that contains all of the information you will need to report on your taxes. This report is broken down by each crypto conversion method so that you can determine which trades may or may not be taxable. If you have used a trading platform that automatically calculates the capital gain for you, it might be worth your time to manually enter each trade into a tax account. 

3. Pay Crypto Taxes Automatically

If you are using a platform that automatically calculates the capital gains, it will also include the reporting of these amounts on your taxes. Some platforms will even allow you to choose an option so that you can deduct these capital gain amounts from your crypto taxes. The benefit of this is that you can automatically deduct this amount from your taxes, saving yourself some money in the process.

4. Record Crypto Gains and Losses for Multiple Currencies

Many people think that the amount of time and effort they need to put into tracking their trading activity may not be worth it considering how much time and money they will save. When you have a tax account, you will be able to quickly track all of these transactions and your capital gains report will show all of the information that you need. Just think of all the money that you could be saving by just recording the transactions in a tax account in place of tracking them on your own.

5. Convert Crypto Gains and Losses to Fiat Currencies

You can use the tax account to record your cryptocurrency transactions and then convert them to fiat currencies for reporting purposes. This will allow you to track your activity regardless of whether you made, lost, or spent the cryptocurrency. If you have multiple fiat currencies that you would like to track, you can easily convert your cryptocurrency to the other currencies as well. 

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