5 Ways to Execute an Online Class Proficiently

Change is a constant process. Everything changes with time eventually. If one does not adapt with time, they sooner or later will be pushed back. Hence, it is extremely essential to adapt with time. Online and live sessions are the latest editions to how education operated in India, all because of the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic and subsequent lockdown. This has only escalated its usage and ultimately, it has become an inseparable part of education in India.

 Although educators in India have been using online technology for online teaching India for a long time, it has only established itself as a requirement rather than a savvy option. This new wave of education had received a mixed reception in 2020. While many teachers wanted the traditional classroom method to make an entry as soon as possible, the advocates of online education recognized its high potential and wanted it to stay while learning about it at the core. Today a lot of ed-tech companies are making available online teaching sites solutions for effective online teaching, which further makes it easier for teachers to access online education

Getting well aware about Online Classes

It is very important to be well aware of the online virtual medium. It gives an edge to teachers to be prepared beforehand for a class. Hence, going through the entire application beforehand is a must. The best apps for live teaching have some handy features. Various excellent teaching apps like Teachmint makes the teaching process convenient through their extensive features. This ensures that as a teacher you do your job comfortably, while the students learn things easily as well.

Well lit and Spacious Set Up

After being well versed with the application of your choice, the next thing is conducting and executing the class in a well-lit area. An open window, ring light, or simply a well lit room would fulfill the purpose. This ensures that the lecture is well communicated without appearing dull, on the screen. A plain background should also be preferred, as opposed to a non-stationary backdrop. This ensures a lack of disturbance during the online class. Apart from having this suitable setup, it’s good to have every essential thing like a pen, books, etc lined up in proximity.

Final Check

Now, when you have everything in place with proper teaching space, it’d be good to have a final review of the application. Use notes to navigate through topics and have a clear mind map of all the online portal features. Once it gets inhabit, it would be easier to use the platform in the future. You need to make sure that all the devices that you are using are working properly. Right from the electricity to the internet connection, you need to ensure that every little thing is working adequately, at least half an hour before your online class begins. This ensures that the online lecture continues without any technical difficulty, and if arises, can be brought to the attention of the students.

Ending on a Right Note is Important

As the lecture comes to an end, it is important to take any last-minute doubts by the students. A quick revision of the topic might be helpful in light of the lack of time. Further, a carry-forward class could be organized for further doubts, just like regular classes.

A lot of teachers do not appreciate the online teaching methodology. While traditional teaching has its perks and benefits, the new wave of technology can’t be blindly denied. A conclusion statement must not be made unless the technology is aptly used and tested. It is a scientific fact that students learn visuals better than texts. Hence, virtual visuals-based learning must not be discouraged in a digital world.  A teacher is also a student and hence, there is zero harm in learning a new way of teaching! Stay tuned for more updates, tricks, and tips that you can adapt for a smooth-running live session. Happy Online Teaching!  

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