6 Tennis Tips for Beginners


Did you know that 87 million people play tennis worldwide? Out of 87 million people, 17.84 million people play tennis in the United States.

Although tennis may seem like a difficult port to learn and play, there are some important tricks and tips for beginners in tennis players.

Whether you’re just starting to learn how to play, or you’re wanting to up your game on the courts, there’s always something new to learn. We’ve but together a few tennis tips for beginners.

You and Your Racket

Your racket is your best friend on the courts. It’s important to know how to hold it and how to hit the ball. Once you’re comfortable with the racket in your hand, everything will be easier.

Your Grip

Most beginners will grip the racket tightly. The reasoning behind this could just be nervousness, but it also centers around the idea that a tighter grip will mean a more powerful hit.

However, the grip on your racket should be light. With a lighter grip, you’ll have more power and control of your hit and swing. It may seem backwards, but it’s true.

The ‘C’ Shape

One of the simplest tennis strategies to remember is to make a ‘C’ shape when you serve. Start with your racket at the top of the C, and then curve it around in the ‘C’ shape.

The curve of your swing will build momentum and give you more power. This tennis tip can not only teach you how to serve, but it can also improve your serve as well.

The Ball

Another important part of tennis to get familiar with is the ball. Knowing when and how to hit it will ensure that you’re not only serving the ball correctly, but consistently making connections with the racket and ball.

Where Do You Hit the Ball?

Hitting the ball in the center of your racket will give you a better serve. It will also ensure that there is a good amount of power behind your hit.

This may seem arbitrary, but it’s a difficult aspect of the sport to perfect. The more consistent you are with hitting the ball at the center of your racket, the more your serve will improve.

Keeping Your Eye on the Ball

Another aspect of consistency in the sport of tennis comes from watching the ball. If you keep your eye on the ball and where it’s going, you will have more control over where the ball ultimately will end up.

It can be a fighting instinct to look at a spot in the court that you want the ball to go to. However, if you keep your eye on the ball, you will have more control over where the ball is going.

The Most Important Tennis Tips for Beginners

The 2-1 Groundstroke Play

A specific play that you can learn to improve is called the 2-1 groundstroke play. When you hit a ball after it’s bounced on the court is called a groundstroke.

The 2-1 describes where you are aiming to hit the ball across the court to your opponent. The goal is to hit the ball diagonally across the court to your opponent twice, and then hit the ball straight across the court from you.

This play can help you learn how to control the ball.

Don’t Get Discouraged

Above all else, it’s important to not get discouraged as a beginner tennis player. Learning a new sport and skill takes time, and the work you put into it is worth it!

The Ball is in Your Court!

Are you ready to get out on the courts? Even if it’s just for fun or you’re ready to take on an opponent, these tennis tips for beginners will be helpful to learn how to play and how to improve.

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