8 Motorcycle Safety Tips Every New Rider Needs to Know

The thrill you receive from riding your motorcycle is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Riding is exciting, adventurous, and a whole lot of fun. Although you can’t wait to hop on your motorcycle and explore the open roads, there are a few things you need to know first.

Do you know how to safely ride a motorcycle? You should have a good understanding of all motorcycle safety tips before you head out on your first ride. Once you’re able to memorize these safety tips, they’ll become second nature to you.

That’s when you know you’re ready to ride!

For several motorcycle riding tips, you must know about, continue reading below. Here’s a full guide on how to ride a motorcycle safely.

1. Take a Safety Course

Riding a motorcycle is not the same as riding a bike, and there are many different rules and safety tips you must know about when riding. If you’re just starting out, make sure you take a riding safety course. This is the best way to get some hands-on experience riding your motorcycle with safety in mind.

Once you pass your course, don’t let the practicing stop there. Whenever you have the chance, take your motorcycle out to an empty parking lot and practice riding there as well. You should practice in a variety of weather conditions too.

Practice your turns, your braking, speeding up, and all other riding aspects. Be sure to practice in the sun, rain, snow, and more.

2. Wear All Your Safety Gear

Motorcycle safety gear is essential. You might have seen motorcyclists riding without their helmet or other proper riding gear. This might tempt you to do the same, but you should never ride without all your safety gear.

Your helmet, gloves, leather jacket, boots, jean pants, eye protection, and elbow and knee guards are all important. These items will keep your body protected in case a crash were to happen.

If you were to be involved in an accident of some sort, you want to contact motorcycle accident attorneys to help you and your case, but the easiest way to help yourself is to stay geared up.

3. Look Past the Car Ahead

When driving a car, you don’t necessarily need to look past the car in front of you to see what’s going on past your current location. When riding a motorcycle, this all changes. You need to look past the car ahead of you to see everything that’s going on down the road to better prepare for it.

What does the road look like? Are there any twists or turns in the road? Can you spot a pothole or some other type of road hazard or obstacle?

Know what to expect before riding up to it. This will decrease the need to act fast and make sudden movements while riding.

4. Ride on the Sides of the Lanes

Another difference between driving a car and riding a motorcycle is that you tend to stay in the middle of the lane when driving your car. You don’t want to do this when on your motorcycle. Instead, ride on the sides of the lanes.

This will help you look past the car ahead of you, see what the road has in store for you, and prevent you from being pinned between two cars if the car behind you doesn’t stop on time. If this were to happen, you’ll be pushed forward, past the car in front of you, rather than pushed into the back of it.

You should ride on the outside lanes as well. Only ride in the middle lane when needing to switch lanes. Otherwise, choose the outside lanes so you only have to worry about cars on one side of you and not both sides.

5. Stay in Defense Mode

You must always ride your motorcycle in defense mode. The only person you can trust on the road is yourself. No matter how focused you are, that won’t guarantee the person next to isn’t texting or distracted in some other way.

Drive as if every other vehicle on the road can’t see you, because, in many situations, they can’t. You can’t rely on these vehicles to protect you from an accident. You must protect yourself by riding defensively.

Always be on the lookout and be well aware of what’s going on around you. You should do your best to keep a good amount of space between you and the other vehicles as well.

6. Know Your Escape Routes

A great way to ride defensively is to know your escape routes. As you’re riding, keep an eye out for possible escape routes if needed. For example, if the car driving next to you decides to swerve into your lane, where can you go to avoid being hit?

Where’s your exit at? You should have an exit in sight the entire time you’re riding. If you’re riding and can’t find an escape route, then switch lanes or make whatever changes necessary until you’re able to ride with one insight.

7. Complete Regular Inspections

There are some regular inspection checks that should be done once you purchase a bike and before you ride it each time. Doing these inspection checks will decrease your chances of having something go wrong while on the road.

Each time before riding, check for any loose parts on the motorcycle, ensure the engine is in good condition, check the brakes, the mirrors, and more. Once it passes your inspection test, it’s then ready to ride!

8. Check the Weather

Riding in bad weather conditions is a lot more challenging than driving in them. When riding your bike, you’re completely exposed to all weather elements, making it difficult to ride. You must also keep in mind that other vehicles on the road have their vision impaired as well and won’t be able to spot you.

Check the weather each time before heading out to ensure the conditions are safe and to prepare you for possible ride delays.

Know Your Motorcycle Safety Tips Before Riding

If you’re not sure of the most basic motorcycle safety tips, then be sure to have this guide handy before riding. It doesn’t hurt to read through this guide to ensure you remember all the advice given and enjoy a safe and fun ride.

For other legal topics, travel, and technology topics as well, check back here on a regular basis!

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