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Info of Almighty Sword Domain

Author: On Azure Phoenix Peak. 青鸾峰上

Translator: InVader

Editor: InVader

Associated Names: Invincible Sword Realm. 无敌剑域

Synopsis of Almighty Sword Domain

This novel tells the tale of Yang Ye, a ruthless yet loving young man who’s driven by his desire to protect his loved ones. It’s set in a world where most only value strength and gain above all else, yet Yang Ye who’s shaped by his experiences during his youth proves to be unlike everyone else.

Yang Ye’s entire family relied on him to keep them safe, but just when everything seemed to be going well, misfortune struck in droves!

How will he overcome the odds and rise up to protect his loved ones?

If killing wasn’t for the sake of showing off, then it would be meaningless.

If living wasn’t for the sake of showing off, then it would be no different than death.


Kill to the point corpses cover the world!

Show off!

Show off to the point of invincibility!

Characters of Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye


He has a handsome appearance


Yang Ye is an incredibly stubborn person, he follows the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor’s saying, “Those of the sword should possess an edge and rather break than bend.” He is known to be ruthless to his enemies, but surprisingly generous and loyal to his allies. Also, Yang Ye never repays kindness with enmity, nor does he repay enmity with kindness. He is neither a saint nor does he want to rule over the world, he just wants to be powerful enough to protect his loved ones.


Yang Ye is a main character of almighty sword domain, from Annan City, joined at Sword Sect the age of 16.  At first unable to absorb profound energy for some reason, was demoted as a handyman disciple by the outer sect elder of Sword Sect’s . However, two years later, this person suddenly became a profound practitioner without knowing what adventure he encountered.

Cultivation Techniques

Body Refinement TechniqueBody RefiningYellowLow116
Hundred Fortifications TechniqueBody RefiningYellow 79
Heavenly Devil PhysiqueBody RefiningHeavenLow340
Mutual Cultivation Technique 340

Combat Skills

Basic Sword TechniqueSwordYellowLow38
Energy Split TechniqueSwordYellowHigh15
Gale StepsMovementYellowHigh33
Sword Qi FingerSwordProfoundMid33
Sword Control TechniqueSwordEarthLow38
Reactive Strike (Self-Created)Sword 48
Heavenrend Drawing TechniqueSwordYellowHigh79
Dragon BreakerCombatEarthMid130
Clone Illusion TechniqueMovementEarthLow207
Invisible ArcSwordEarthLow228
Ghostflame Sword Formation (Self Created)Sword 338
Soulseek Sword TechniqueSwordHeavenMid351
Sword ThreadSwordHeavenMid380
Sword PuppetrySecret 374
Sword of Elements (Self Created)Sword 435
Sword SoulSoul 453

Comments of Almighty Sword Domain

  1. At first the story had potential. Sadly it gets bad really quickly and then gets really awful. For some reason everything revolves around the Mc. He is a 16 years old youth but princess, emperor, ermit, elders, and talented genius all seems extremely interested in him for seamingly no reason. The cultivation system makes no sense at all when the MC goes Dragon all when he is supposed to still be learning is absurd it cuts off any feelings of progress throughout the story. (Spoiler!!!) Another thing that bother me is how everybody keep saying that the Mc isn’t worthy of protection while they keep fostering stepping stones much weaker for the mc. And even when the mc wins (fairly easily since no enemies so far was somewhat challenging for our perfect MC that no ones like at first but quickly acknowledged becuz OMG he has comprehended so much, so young, so strong, but so what he is still not worth it) the same cycle of scorn and disdain applies to him. He just won against the perfect genius? He is good, great even, but he is still bad. Worst part are the repetitions the story telling is bad. The author can only talk about a…
  • Another novel translated by InVader.

Personally, I’ve always been a sucker for sword cultivation novels, and this one is pretty decent as far as those go.

Read this novel if: you don’t mind harems, you don’t mind stories where everyone is solely motivated by benefits, you enjoy faction building/having a main character who builds up a team of people around him, you like a main character who refuses to bow towards higher powers (even if it is unrealistic at times), and you like an MC who can jump power levels.

Don’t read this novel if: You want a smooth sailing journey (this main character gets his front teeth kicked in A LOT, and it sometimes makes me wonder how much the author likes him). You don’t like betrayals (none from loved ones yet). You want…

  • This novel is great read untill around 8xx chapter when the 1st arc finished and we going to 2nd arc, then starting getting going down hill after. The fringing same plot until now will repeat itself 3x (2nd university arc, 3rd Gods/Ideology arc, and 4th Destiny arc) until the end.

When the main reason why sh!t happened revealed in few last chapter is already too late because all faction already do nuke option lol.

Latest Chapters of Almighty Sword Domain

876. Chapter 870 I Am the Descendant of the Dragon!

875. Chapter 869: Brothers, Lend Me Your Sword!

874. Chapter 868: Are Yang Ye Afraid of Dragons?

873. Chapter 867: the First Person in the Secret Order!

872. Chapter 866: Yang Ye Doesn’t Dare to Come to Qingdao Gate?

871. Chapter 865: Understanding the Law of Speed?

870. Chapter 864: Okay, Clear the Way!

869. Chapter 863: I Am Gu Zhen!

868. Chapter 862: No Trouble, Just One Move!

867. Chapter 861: Roll Or Not?

868. Chapter 862: No Trouble, Just One Move!

867. Chapter 861: Roll Or Not?

866. Chapter 860: Do You Know How Good I Am?

865. Chapter 859: Yang Ye Was Killed in Seconds?

864. Chapter 858: the Pure Path Gate, the Dark Path Gate, the Pure Path Disciple!

863. Chapter 857: Shangqing Daomen!! Request A Subscription!

862. Chapter 856: the Second Battle of the Heavenly Order?

861. Chapter 855: the Temple of the Clouds Vs the Gate of the Clear Path!

860. Chapter 854: Do You Want to Have Sex with Me?

859. Chapter 853: Ananjing Is in A Bad Situation!

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