Applying for Supplemental Security Income? Bring a Lawyer Onboard

Each year millions of persons apply for social security disability (SSD) benefits. The Social Security Administration (SSA) ends up approving about 35% of the applications they receive. And that is only the first level of the disability claim procedure.

If you are applying for supplemental security income, you should enlist the help of a lawyer. Doing so increases your chances of being among the 30% who pass the initial stage. Way too often, claimants get discouraged with the filing procedure when they go at it alone.

What is supplemental security income (SSI)? It’s a benefit program run by the SSA. SSI provides basic monetary support to the aged and people living with disabilities who have insufficient resources and revenue.

Any person of any age living with disabilities is eligible for SSI. Are you applying for SSI? Read on and discover why you should walk the journey with a lawyer.

Lawyers Know What Evidence Is Needed

The correct medical evidence is a key piece when applying for supplemental security income benefits. Without legal guidance, you might be unaware of what evidence you need to submit to the SSA.

Therefore, you may end up providing a lot of unnecessary information. You may also submit little relevant evidence. Administrative law judges are frustrated when they have to look through numerous pages of unnecessary information.

A social security disability lawyer will know how to present evidence to guarantee approval. Once you contact a lawyer, they will first review your file. They do so to find out if more tests or records are needed.

The attorney will then help you obtain any other records they deem fit. Your disability attorney can come up with a kind of theory for the reason for your disability in line with the law.

Your condition should meet one of the listed impairments that keep you from doing any work. Otherwise, you could have a non-exertional condition that prevents you from doing a job. Non-exertional conditions can include issues with memory and focus.

Attorneys Can Liaise Effectively With Healthcare Professionals

The support of healthcare professionals is essential in securing SSD benefits. However, it can be challenging to get this support. This is because, at times, doctors are reluctant to assist people applying for benefits.

Medical professionals could be too busy to fill out the necessary documents. Other times they might not know how the procedure works. They could also have private opinions on SSD benefits which make them unwilling to help.

These are just some reasons that can explain doctors’ reluctance. To navigate this issue, you should work with a lawyer. There is a higher chance that a medical professional will speak to a disability lawyer compared to patients.

To add to this, attorneys are more experienced in dealing with medical professionals. In case of any reservations or concerns, a disability lawyer can better address them.

Hire an Attorney When Applying for Supplemental Security Income

Most people applying for supplemental security income might get frustrated and give up on the process. But when you hire a social security disability attorney you increase your chances of winning the claim.

These attorneys are skilled in providing relevant information to the SSA during application. In the hearing, they can represent your case in a favorable light. It’s also easier for a lawyer to get the support of a medical professional.

Wondering how to apply for supplemental security income? Just engage the services of an attorney. If you want to learn more about social security benefits and the law, browse this page today.

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Wayne Probert

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