Boosting Search Engine Ranking with a Keyword Checker

Did you know that around 45% of businesses close their doors after being in business for only 5 years? If you want to stay out of this percentage, then it is important to stay ahead of your competition at all times. We have put together this short guide to share more information about using a keyword planner to increase your search engine ranking when people are searching for what your business has to offer.

Read on to learn more.

How to Use a Keyword Planner Tool?

First, you start entering keywords related to your business. Once you start entering them in, you need to look for factors such as high CPC, organic search volume, and lower keyword difficulty. 

The CPC is the cost-per-click that it would cost to make a paid ad campaign using that keyword. The organic search volume is how many searches were done for a particular keyword. Keyword difficulty is in relation to competition, which is why you want lower keyword difficulty. 

Start inputting words that have to do with your services and your products. Also, enter in entire phrases that are related to your niche. Try out this tool to start searching and seeing which keywords start coming up for you. 

Why Use a Keyword Planner?

The reason you want to use a keyword planner is because it will give you accurate search data. This data will allow you to make an informed decision about the best keywords to use on your business website. 

How Does a Keyword Planner Work?

Usually, information is gathered from Google Search, which is information publicly available to anyone. Once a person starts to type in keywords and keyword phrases, the keyword planner will display the information it finds in relation to that keyword.

You Will Save Money

The bonus of using a keyword planner is that you will save money because the planners are free and you can enhance your on-page SEO rankings and your Google Ad campaigns. Instead of wasting money to figure out what keywords will give you the most value for your Ad campaigns, use this free data to make educated choices. 

Once you are aware of which keywords to use, then you just have to put those keywords into your website content. When these keywords are sprinkled around, it will help people find you when they are searching. This won’t cost you a dime, except for your time. 

Ready to Boost Your Search Engine Ranking?

Hopefully now you are feeling a lot more confident and knowledgeable about using a keyword planner to increase your search engine ranking. Get out there and make the most out of a keyword planning tool to increase search rankings by following our tips above. Get ready to get ahead of your competition with this helpful tool.

Did this blog post come in handy? If so, make sure you continue browsing the rest of our business section for our latest tips. 

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