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Synopsis of CEO’s Substitute Bride

June Carter, who was born in a wealthy family, was forced to become an orphan because of the negligence of the hospital. She grew up in a welfare home and returned to her original family with difficulty. However, she found that she could not integrate into the family atmosphere at all. She thought that she could get love and care by giving everything and wiping her life to substitute her sister to marry Sean Jessop. Finding that everything was just a conspiracy, and she was just a chess piece that could be sacrificed at any time.

Chapter 1 Substitute Marriage

Every woman expects to marry her beloved man.

So do I.

Today, I married a man I had loved for twelve years, but with the name of my sister Molly. Although my sister and I have the same face, I was sent to the orphanage because of the negligence of the hospital.

It was not until three years ago that I returned to my family.

I’m a wild girl who is incompatible with the rich family. But because I have no parents since I was a child, I am careful everywhere, hoping to integrate into this family and get the favor of my parents.

So the day before yesterday, when my parents and my sister asked me to marry Sean Jessop, I didn’t even think of it and agreed.

The first reason is that I love Sean. And secondly, It was my first time that I had felt needed by my family, so I didn’t want to let them down.

It is already at 12 o’clock in the morning. Sean left in a hurry after the wedding ceremony. He had not even explained one sentence to me. Looking at the diamond ring in my hand, I can’t tell the bitterness in my heart.

The sound of stalling of the car engine comes from downstairs. It was Sean who came back. I walked in front of the mirror and hurriedly sorted out my hair, and walked out of the bedroom nervously.

I went down the stairs.

I took the slippers out of the shoe closet and wait at the door.

When I saw Sean entering, I break into a happy smile that a wife should have, put the slippers beside his feet and said, “Dear husband, you are back…”

I could smell the wine in the air before I finished my word. It was also filled with a whiff of her perfume…

I couldn’t help twitching my nose.

Where did he go this evening?

The answer was obvious.

Yes, I know my duties. I married him substituting for my sister, and my relationship with him is related to the cooperation between the Carter family and the Jessop family.

Although I was very depressed, thinking about that, I still try to smile.

Regardless of the man’s disregard, I followed him upstairs and called him, “husband.”

Looking up, I saw that the man had taken off his shirt, and the strong muscles were extraordinarily sexy under the light of the bedroom.

My face suddenly turned red to the root of my ear, and I quickly turned around. When I was about to apologize, I felt a strong arm coming around behind me.

When I had no time to react, he picked me up and my whole body was thrown to bed before I realize that.

Although the bed was soft, still my back was sore.

I saw Jessop standing by the bed, looking at me condescendingly. Although I could not see his expression, I could feel the deep chill.

The next second, the man suddenly asked me, “What is your name?”

“Me?” This question made me panic, but I still calmly said, “I’m Molly.”

In fact, I am not Molly, my name is June.

But I can’t tell him my true name.

I just replied, the man pressed down on me directly. He grabbed my hair with one hand and forced me to look at him. He asked, “Molly, huh?”

It was until then that I could see his face clearly. At that time, in his deep eyes, there is no warmth but hate from the bone marrow. When he was talking about my sister’s name, his eyes were full of ferocity.

It is obviously midsummer, but I was in a panic and my forehead had a layer of cold sweat.

My hair was pulled by him so my face could not turn but look at him like this, nodding as much as possible.

My heart has long been hung up.

As he saw I admit that, Jessop looked at me with his eyes getting colder and colder, and said, “Since you are here today, you must be well conscious, I am never a good person.”

As soon as the voice fell, I heard the tearing of the red dress on my body.

In the next second, the man completely ignored my struggle and stuck in my body.

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