Chinese New Year Celebration in Thailand

China is the most populous nation on earth and by virtue of this reality; you are likely to find a sizable population of Chinese citizens living outside their home nation. Chinese are quite industrious, hardworking, and resilient people and as such can work in most nations on earth making the celebration globally celebrated due to their significant presence worldwide.

Also referred to as the lunar new year or the spring festival Chinese New Year is widely and colorfully celebrated with myth, beliefs, and customs attached to good luck.  Thailand is one nation with a significant Sinophone(Chinese speaking)  population. In fact, about 14% of Thailand’s population can be considered Chinese even as the nation has become somewhat of a home away from home for Chinese nationals. The Chinese consequent on their religious beliefs take to the use of loud drums, red shirts, dragons in celebrating the New Year because of the belief in the potency of these things to scare evil spirits away.

The Chinese New Year festival is celebrated for 3 reasons which include; to celebrate the conclusion of the preceding year, to gather with family, and to ring in good luck for the upcoming year. Interestingly, the Chinese are animal-loving people and it is not surprising that each Chinese calendar year is tied to an animal.

The Chinese Lunar Calendar is well-dated as it is said to have emerged in 2698 BC and is thousands of years older than the Gregorian calendar that the modern calendar is based upon. It is not uncommon to find Chinese traveling to their homeland to celebrate this festival. Apparently, the festival is more pleasant when it is celebrated collectively and this may perfectly explain the activities surrounding Chinatown during the period.

Chinatown the Epicentre of the Celebrations

Just as the name implies, Chinatown is home to a large number of Chinese nationals and as expected it forms the base for the New Year celebrations across Bangkok. In fact, for anyone willing to revel in the lavish Chinese culture, Chinatown is a natural choice to recommend. Bangkok has a rich Chinese heritage as the Chinese were among the earliest settlers on the land, settling there even before the land was officially named Bangkok.

Apart from Bangkok, other locations such as Phuket, Chiang Mai, Nakhon Sawan, and Suphanburi are other venues that tend to come alive whenever the Chinese New Year is celebrated. Other temples in the region may also play host to interested observers, tourists, and residents.

Tourist Attraction

Thailand is a tourist friendly nation. The influx of Chinese nationals into the country may become heightened at the festival time. Since a sizable population of the nation claims Chinese ancestry, tourist activities will potentially receive a boost. Considering the incidence of the coronavirus pandemic, those unwilling to travel to China may find a natural alternative in Thailand. The festival could also serve as an outlet for education about certain practices of the Chinese people.

A word of caution is necessary though and this is for participants at this year’s New Year celebrations to be wary of the corona virus protocols. Since the virus is still ravaging the world, it is necessary for party goers to be careful and adhere to safety procedures even while they party.

National Holiday

The usual practice was that government offices will remain open during the Chinese New Year celebrations and shops will remain open as well. However, for the 2021 celebrations, there is a new development; it will be a national holiday! The holiday which was announced towards the end of 2020 is deemed as a targeted approach to boost tourism. It could also help boost economic activities even as the nation is thrown into a celebratory mode.

However, since the Chinese New Year is declared as a holiday by the government, the announcement may only cover the staff of government agencies only and it is the prerogative of banks and other private establishments to grant holidays to their employees during this period or not. The holiday will facilitate participation by more people who hitherto could have been compelled to be at work.

Festivals are memorable times as it comes with merriment and fun. For a celebration like the Chinese New Year held in a tourist savvy location like Thailand, the best way to get the best of this celebration is to come armed with some cash. Obviously, money makes celebrations to be more fun as it offers a chance to feel the whole buzz of the city. While enjoying the festival, you can indulge yourself in some casino games by trying out the tons of free slot games available. This can both act as a way of earning extra income and also be another outlet of fun during this festival period.

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