Choose an Internet & TV Subscription

Choose an internet & TV subscription

Internet providers offer packages with different internet speeds and TV options. Packages also differ in price and extras. What is the best way to choose an internet subscription? You can opt for a combination package of internet, TV and calling (all-in-1 or ‘ triple play ‘). You can receive the TV signal in different ways, such as via cable, DSL or fiber optic.

Read more about the advantages and disadvantages of cable, DSL or fiber optics.

Internet, TV and fixed telephony from 1 provider have a number of advantages as tv en internet. So you only have 1 bill and point of contact for all services and you often get various benefits such as extra data, free TV channels and discounts. But it is not always cheaper.

Compare all-in-1 providers and see which package suits you best.

Internet and TV

Do you hardly ever use the landline again? Most providers offer a package for internet and TV without a landline. This is often slightly cheaper than an all-in-1 package. In our comparator you can compare cheap internet and internet and tv . There you can also see with which providers you can watch programs from the beginning (after the program has already started). And with which packages you can pause and record TV.

Internet and landline

Don’t you want a TV? A number of internet providers offer a combination of internet and landline only  . Here too the advantage is that you receive everything on 1 invoice and only have 1 point of contact. In our all-in-1 comparator you can also compare  telephone and internet subscriptions .

Internet only

Taking internet only, because you do not watch television or watch online TV , is also possible. But not with all providers. It is possible with providers that offer internet via DSL and fiber optic. With a cable company such as Ziggo, a ‘basic TV package’ is always included with the internet. Only internet subscriptions can also be compared in our comparator.

Modem type

Do you want to use the internet on multiple devices at home   ? Then you need a modem with router functionality. With most providers you get such a modem or router for internet at home on loan with your subscription. If you now have a simple Ethernet modem, you can still connect a separate router to it. A good simple router costs around € 50. Although more and more people use free e-mail programs from, among others, Outlook or Gmail, some users still prefer to receive e-mail in their own digital mailbox. How large these mailboxes are and how much space they offer varies per provider.

Please note: with most providers you cannot transfer your e-mail address to another provider. So think about that if you want to switch. In such a case, an e-mail service such as Gmail or Outlook is more convenient. XS4ALL, Solcon and KPN offer certain e-mail packages against a hefty payment that you can use to keep your e-mail address. Wifi hotspots A few years ago Ziggo was the first to start using WifiSpots . The WiFi modems of subscribers of this provider have an extra WiFi network. Other Ziggo customers can use that network if they come within reach. Also check goedkoopste internet vergelijken, KPN allows for a Wi-Fi hotspot.

WiFi Services

Ziggo , KPN and T-Mobile Thuis offer a WiFi service: a help & improvement service for the WiFi in the home. The conditions differ, for example, existing customers have to pay for it at Ziggo. View the various WiFi services of the providers. Choose the correct plan. Saving often starts with choosing the right plan. Pay particular attention to what you need. It is a shame to pay for a high speed if you do not use it in practice. Some internet providers already offer speeds of 300 Mbit/s.

That sounds attractive, but there are few internet activities for which you need such a high speed. In most cases, a lower speed is sufficient, and therefore also a cheaper subscription. Paying for more than 100 TV channels, while in practice you only watch a few, is also a shame. And what about telephony: do you still use a fixed telephone line or are you tired of the internet and TV? Sometimes providers are generous and increase the speeds of existing subscriptions at no extra cost. In such a case, a cheaper plan has the same speed as your current plan. If you are satisfied with the old speed, then you can also get along with the cheaper subscription. Some providers, including Ziggo, allow you to ‘downgrade’ to a cheaper subscription after the first year. Don’t you call a lot with your landline? Then it is often cheaper to cancel your telephony subscription with your all-in-1 provider. You can then call with your mobile, but also via the internet. There are now several programs and apps that allows that. This is a cheap solution, especially if you want to call someone abroad.

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