Choosing the Best Smelling Essential Oils for Your Home

Essential oils are booming in popularity and for good reason. These potent oils can elevate and Revive your living space through beautiful scents.

Before you jump into essential oils, it’s important to learn about them. If you’re looking to choose the best smelling essential oils for your home, you’re at the right place. Read on, and find the best essential oils for you.

Know the Quality of the Best Essential Oils

When you’re looking for essential oils, make sure you’re only getting the purest oils.

It’s important to know the difference between essential oils and fragrance oils. While fragrance oils may seem to be good-smelling and less expensive, it’s because they are synthetic, where true essential oils are extracted from real plants.

If you’re buying the oil in person, give it a quick sniff to make sure it doesn’t have any chemical smell. If you’re buying online, check the reviews to make sure it’s a quality seller.

The Best Smelling Essential Oils

The best smelling essential oils for home will depend on the type of ambiance you’re trying to set.

If you’re trying to create a relaxing atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with lavender. This popular oil is subtle, floral, and one of the best essential oils for sleep. Chamomile is another great essential oil for relaxing.

Rose is another great essential oil, as its sweet floral scent can elevate the ambiance of any living space. It’s subtle enough that your guests might not even know you’re using essential oils, but they’ll feel the uplifting presence of it.

Going for an invigorating scent that will energize your living space? There are essential oils for that too! Peppermint and spearmint are two of the most popular. Their cooling, minty scents will invigorate you and create a fresh atmosphere.

Blending Essential Oil Types

There are so many amazing essential oils, all with their own unique scents and atmospheres. If you’re finding it hard to choose just one, try blending them!

You can create your own blends by combining multiple essential oils in your diffuser. To wake up, try a combination of minty and citrusy. To create a happy, relaxed atmosphere try herbal and floral scents.

You can also find expertly curated blends such as santal scent, which blends sandalwood and papyrus for a sophisticated, bold, and musky scent. It’s a great scent for an upscale bar night or a special date.

Utilize Your Essential Oils

Now that you know about the best smelling essential oils, it’s time to utilize them!

The best way to utilize the best essential oils is by diffusing them. A diffuser transforms your oils into a fine mist, allowing the scent to float through the air and fill the room without leaving any liquid residue.

The best diffusion method is cold-air diffusion. This method takes room temperature air and vaporizes the essential oil into fine particles, allowing it to fill a room easily. This is the best method for filling your entire home with those amazing scents.

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