Customizing Apple Airpods for your Loved Ones

Customizing Apple Airpods

What are Apple Airpods?

Since Steve Jobs took hold of Apple the company has skyrocketed. The share values have increased to 1 trillion dollars. They have successfully released iphones and now have started to release other electronic products as well which have successfully added to the value of the company. They have always stayed at the front end of the technology and came up with new ideas and ways to impress their customers. Just like they did when they first introduced iphones and heavily took over the market. A lot of different companies follow suit. Their products make way for other companies to come up with their own products that are directly influenced by the Apple itself.

Apple Airpods is one of its kind electronic listening device by Apple. It was launched on December 13, 2016. Their second generation was released in March 2019. The Apple Airpods are wireless Bluetooth earbuds that don’t have a wire connecting the two speakers instead they are disconnected and come in two pieces. The Airpods have lots of cutting-edge features such as noise cancellation, automatic play/pause, a built-in microphone, and a built-in tap button for calling Siri. They come in a case that houses both speakers. The case also charges the speakers by lightning cable or you can buy another version of the Apple Airpods which charges using wireless charging with Qi. The Apple Airpods run on the W1 chip which was developed by Apple. The Airpods themselves have a stem and a speaker on top of that stem. The battery is stored inside the stem and the rest of the electronics such as the Bluetooth device, speakers, touch controls, microphones are stored inside the head of the earbuds. The Apple Airpods work with any device that supports Bluetooth 4.0. They especially work really well with Apple devices such as the Apple Mac and Apple Watch.

Apple Airpods have become a cultural phenomenon. They are extremely popular and unique. In addition to being wireless Bluetooth earbuds, they are also considered as a fashion statement, a ‘flex’ as it is known among the youth and trendy people.

When they were first announced the Apple Airpods received widespread criticism due to their unconventional design and aesthetics. This discussion about them only helped to market them, and in a matter of months after launch, they were highly popular. The Apple Airpods were voted the most hearable brand in 2019.

In 2017, the Apple Airpods sold between 14 million to 16 million units. After a year, they were the most popular mobile accessory product with 35 million units sold. Apple Airpods make up about 60% of the global wireless Bluetooth earbuds market.

Apple outsources the manufacturing of the Apple Airpods to three companies that are Foxconn, Luxshare ICT, and GoerTek.

Customizing Apple Airpods for your Loved Ones 1

Customizing the Apple Airpods

People yearn for loved ones. They show their love through different gifts, these are given when only words are not enough to show your emotions and love that you hold for them. Now everyone has their own priorities, some people like a bouquet of flowers more than anything and consider it a symbol of love, while some people would like something that they can use for a long time. Most of the time the notion behind this to make the other person remember that you are always going to be right beside them. So whenever they see your gift ultimately you are reminded to them.

Now there are people who love Apple and their products. Over the course of time, it has become a symbol of status and people who are rich enough buy them. That is where the apple airpods come in. Now you can give them as you buy from their website, plain and simple , BUT a better way is to make them remember you, and how is it done?? By attaching a memory with it. This is where the customization of the apple airpods come in.

Now there are a lot of ways about how you can customize your airpods. Apple directly allows you to customize them a little bit and there are some independent companies as well that allow you to more than just a little to it.You can customize your Apple Airpods when you buy them from Apple’s website. It gives you the option to put a custom engraving on the case at the time of checkout. You can put anything that you can type including emojis. It doesn’t let add graphics or designs just text, numbers, and emojis.

If you want a custom graphic on your case then you can look towards companies that can print your desired graphic for you on your Apple Airpods. They are countless such vendors who are providing printing services for customizing Apple Airpods. You can either send them your Apple Airpods or you can buy a new customized Apple Airpods from them. Usually, you select premade design on their website. Some vendors give you the option to get your own design printed. Some even provide you with an online design tool to design your own custom graphic you want to get printed.

There are certain other ways to customize the pods too. Some people like them to be in different colors and hence they opt for painting them. Some people like engraving the box and certain important things can also be engraved in it, like there might be an important date like a marriage date or the date of your birthday, the day your kid was born or a note that holds an important part in your life.

You can get your Apple Airpods printing with a custom graphic or design for around 100 to 200 dollars.

These things seemingly small as to what would happen if I gift them a simple one. But they leave an impact on a person, just the same way when we were kids and something small was given to us and it would make us happy. Its not always about the gift, its about the love and emotion behind it, that makes us be like this.

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