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Designer Dining: Dining Room Ideas

The dining room is the communal space where the whole family bonds over food and shares stories. The aroma and taste of home-cooked meals being a conversation starter around the designer dining table is a memory that most people cherish. No matter how busy a day was, sharing details about the hours that went by over a meal is therapeutic.

So is it not necessary to choose and design this space of a dining room consciously? Australians love a good meat pie. Now picture having it over a rustic dining table with friends or family. Be it modern or traditional designs choosing the suitable elements for the dining room is vital. So read on to figure out how to organize an ideal one.

What shape is best for a dining table?

Like with all design questions, this one depends on subjective preferences as well. However, some shapes go well with the overall geometry of the room.

For example, a round or oval table goes well with a small room. However, it is good to avoid ones with sharp edges that one might bump into in a smaller area.

Round tables also give off an informal and homey vibe. In contrast, rectangular tables are more formal and edgy. If one has a large dining room, a large wood designer dining table could be the best choice.

Does it match up to the scale of a room?

Considering the scaling is vital as it would be inconvenient if a table is too big or too small for a room. Say, for example, in a room of 10*10 feet, a table measuring up to 4 feet would be a good choice.

In small rooms, to accommodate a lesser number of people, push the table against the wall so one can do away with the space for movement.

Which material is the best?

Wooden tabletops have the most admirers; however, keep in mind that they require higher maintenance. Glass Tops are more contemporary and go well with modern architecture homes. When it comes to wood, the choice is endless. From American walnut to oak, all are durable options.

Protip: When it comes to choosing the material, think of the decor and the maintenance level.

What about the Dining room chairs?

One can prioritize design when it comes to dining table chairs. As long as one does not take a long time to eat their meals, it is okay if the chairs are too comfortable. Choose style over comfort when it comes to certain decor elements.

 High-backed chairs might make the space cramped. There should be a minimum of 10 inches of space between the chair and the table for optimal comfort.

Design Ideas:

Scandinavian Minimalism:

For anyone who thinks less is more and wants a house devoid of clutter, this is the design choice to go for today. These tables feature no-nonsense designs with clean cuts and no-frills. It adds an effect of calmness to the room.

Modern/ Edgy:

These elements exhibit fancy geometric shapes and designs, which are the highlights of modernism. They can be monochromatic as well as colourful. The options available are practically endless.

Modern dining also showcases design that meets functionality. So, one can opt for tables that can be opened up to fit more people. If there are only a few people for a meal, the owner can fold it up. Modernity is all about embracing innovation, smooth-finish, and sleekness.

Do enough research before deciding on the right table. Take measurements of the room. And decide on what one’s priorities, tastes, and preferences are to purchase the perfect one.

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