DISH Network Set To Acquire Republic Wireless Later This Year

MVNO Republic Wireless is what’s coming up next at DISH Network headquarters. The satellite TV giant announced it’s intentions today that they plan on acquiring the MVNO sometime later this year.

All terms of a potential acquisition including the financials have not been publicly disclosed, but the way DISH Network made the announcement, it sounds like a done deal. As for Republic Wireless’ customers, DISH Network also assured current customers that they will not experience any immediate changes to their plans and will not have to take any action on their accounts due to the acquisition.

Other DISH Network Acquisitions In The Wireless Space

Republic Wireless isn’t the first and most likely not the last wireless acquisition DISH Network will ever have. Here’s other wireless companies that DISH Network has acquired recently:

  • Boost Mobile – this acquisition was a condition of the Sprint/T-Mobile merger to go through. In this acquisition DISH Network gained approximately 9 million prepaid subscribers, their retail stores and the brand for a whopping $1.4 billion dollars last year.
  • Ting Mobile – soon after the Boost Mobile acquisition, DISH acquires Ting Mobile, their assets and the brand.

Prepaid MVNO Republic Wireless – $15/Month

Republic Wireless is a prepaid MVNO or mobile virtual network operator that uses T-Mobile’s towers. Their plans have no contracts, coverage from Sprint & T-Mobile and start as low as $15 a month. You can pay by the month or by the year to save even more money. Customers also have the option to get a new phone or bring their existing compatible mobile device.

Prepaid MVNO Boost Mobile – $10/Month

Boost Mobile is also a prepaid mobile virtual network operator owned by DISH Network

that uses T-Mobile’s towers. Their customers enjoy affordable no contract wireless plans on America’s largest 5G network for less than the competition. With Boost Mobile, their customers have options including getting a new phone, keeping their existing eligible phone, keeping their phone number, unlimited everything and more. Plans start at only $10 per month for new customers only.

Prepaid MVNO Ting Mobile – $25/Month

Ting Mobile is also a prepaid mobile virtual network operator owned by DISH Network that uses T-Mobile and Verizon’s towers. Ting Mobile customers enjoy no contracts, mobile hotspot access, unlimited talk, unlimited text, nationwide coverage and no data overage charges ever. Their plans start at only $25 a month for unlimited talk, text and 5 GB of data with other plan options that include more hotspot data and unlimited device data. If you’re not a big mobile phone user, you can also choose a plan that has pay as you go data. No matter how you plan on using your phone, there’s a plan for you.

Why Choose A Prepaid MVNO Service

If you’ve been a postpaid subscriber all your adult life, you might be wondering why you would choose a prepaid MVNO service instead and the answer is simple; to save money. As long as you pick a MVNO that has the coverage area you need and a plan with a suitable data plan for you, you could save a truck load of money each month. MVNO plans cost a fraction of the price from $10 and up, whereas most traditional postpaid services cost $60 and up.

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