DJ Khushboo Kapoor – The Journey of Being the Most Famous Female DJ and Emcee of India

DJ Khushboo Kapoor - The Journey of Being the Most Famous Female DJ and Emcee of India 1

Today we have with us an artist whose charm is captivating, whose aura is full of energy and vibrancy and who is a super energetic, mesmerizing DJ, Emcee, TV Anchor, Entertainer, Singer and Live performer . She is multi talented and has many feathers in her cap. Well, we are talking about Dr Khushboo Kapoor who has been the Triple gold medalist from two central universities and then stepped into Event, Entertainment and Tourism industry. In an interview with, she has unfolded many dimension of her life.

Let’s have some chit chat with Dr Khushboo Kapoor.

Q1. Khushboo; you are a bundle of talents. How did you learn all of this at such a young age?

Dr Khushboo Kapoor. I was not blessed with silver spoon. My parents got separated when I was in school. My mother worked for me day and night and brought me up. I knew the way my mother Mrs. Asha Kapoor struggled for me and this all developed a will to do something different and to change the circumstances of life. So, I learnt and practice every skill day and night and excelled it.

Q2. How’s your journey been so far in Event industry as a DJ?

DJ Khushboo Kapoor. It’s been great. People have always given me so much of love for my performances. Event managers have always been so appreciative of my performances. This all boosts my energy and the level of performance I deliver on stage.
Q3. In which countries you have already performed?

Dr Khushboo Kapoor. I have performed in more than 60 + countries so far and experience at each country has been super rocking. The way people enjoy my presence and my music on stage makes me feel very blessed of the life I am living.

Q4. We found that you are also into acting. How about your career plans in acting?

DJ Khushboo Kapoor. I will definitely venture professionally into acting in 2020. Till now people have seen my performances in TiKToK videos but from May 2020 onwards, people will get to see my acting in big projects.

Q5. Do you have plans to launch yourself into singing professionally?

Dr Khushboo Kapoor. Yes In 2020 for sure, my audience will get to see my Song soon.

It’s been a lovely talk with you Khushboo. Thanks for your valuable time. To have more updates about Khushboo Kapoor, follow her on her verified social media accounts.

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