Do We Have a Universal Language?


Have you been thinking about different languages and their role in the interaction of people of different countries? Do you believe there is a universal language that is above the national language? Languages that can help people understand each other, the ones that can unite them and can lead them to help each other.

 Well, officially, there is a language, and it is English. But if you think that it is neither the most spoken language nor it is spoken worldwide as a national language, then here we’ll be sharing the connections that it creates among people around the world. Want to know how is English a universal language? Stick around, and you’ll find out.

Use of English as Common Language:

English is amongst the most used languages globally. This is what makes it a language for a conversation with foreign people. You automatically switch to it if you find a foreigner on your land or visit any other country. Have you noticed it already? Besides, you’ll also find the English Essay grammar check tools, no matter which country you are browsing. It shows the importance that language has got in the international community.

With this common language, you can converse and learn about everything you are looking for. It can help you share your emotions, thought processes, and feelings. Even you’ll find many books in this language. Unique translated versions are released in English by the authors to grab the international audience.

Use of English in Music:

You would have some English band as your favorite. Is it? Or do you like some singer from Asia because of the powerful vocals? You can understand the emotions of people living in other parts of the world with music. Music can transmit emotion and energy and thus can be a good source for general communication.

It is not the music alone; every language incorporates a touch of English in it. This makes the language universal. The music in English attracts a global audience. What is your favorite English song?

Use of English in Literature:

Another essential aspect of the English language that makes it universal is its use in literature. They are some prominent English literature names such as William Shakespeare, which bind the international audience together. You’ll even see the translation of Shakespeare’s essential stories in the native languages, too, highlighting that demand for literature and the role English plays in it is worth praising.

Use of English in Sport:

Tune into your favorite sports channel and wait for the commentator’s remarks. Aren’t they in English? Is it cricket, badminton, football, or soccer? All these games have English commentary because this is the language that everyone understands and wants to know what is going on.

Generally, English in sports is a way to bring different nations and people together.

Can you think of other activities where English can play a universal role? If yes, please don’t forget to share them in the comments section below.

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Barry Lachey is a Professional Editor at Zobuz. Previously He has also worked for Moxly Sports and Network Resources "Joe Joe." he is a graduate of the Kings College at the University of Thames Valley London. You can reach Barry via email or by phone.

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