Gardening At Home: Ideal Plants To Grow This 2021

Fresher, greener, and livelier. These are the things that could happen in your house if you start planting this 2021. Although some may find it hard, it’s actually doable, and the experience you’ll encounter when your plants begin to bloom will be priceless. 

As 2021 approached so fast, more people became more interested in home planting. It has become an avenue to release stress, create bonding time, and learn a new skill. It’s like almost most people now appreciate the beauty and benefits of gardening, even if it’s just in your home. Thus, here is a list of ideal plants that you could grow this 2021: Additionally gardening tips from Placer arborists are handy.


As pretty as their given name sounds like, their colors and structure are very attractive too! Also, it is a bulb-forming plant. Its bulb, flower, and leaves are very beneficial as they are also used in making some medicines for cough, asthma, and even in treating skin wounds, sunburn, joint pain, and the like. 

Usually, daffodils are grown in areas with temperate climates. And, they have a very nice fragrance- light, cool, and sweet. In planting a daffodil, water it generously, especially when it is blooming. But, make sure the soil is well-drained during summer.

 In its placement, pick a location where they would receive full sun for it to bloom fully, or if not, partial sunlight with a little bit of shade would also do. To help you in your gardening journey, read this growing guide on Gardener’s Path. 


Dracaena is an ideal indoor plant. Their main characteristic is that their leaves grow as if they are erupting from the center, forming circular foliage hanging along its stem. Thus, they are very easy to trim, making it look cleaner to be an indoor plant. 

You can also count on Dracaena when it comes to purifying the air. This plant helps in removing chemicals that could pose harm to human health. These harmful chemicals could bring rise to illnesses like anemia, kidney diseases, and respiratory health problems. Thus, planting one could be very beneficial to human health, not just to the environment. 

Growing Dracaena could be simple. You would need to provide a space where it could receive light; an ideal place could be in the window. But, never put them under the direct sun as this could dry up their leaves fast. Lastly, they are safe for humans, but for pets like cats and dogs, they could be toxic. 

Poinsetti a

Poinsettias are commonly seen during the celebration of Christmas. They are the flowers used as decorative materials to liven up the place and help bring the Christmas spirit. Poinsettias are a flowering plant, which could also be made as a medicine

to treat illnesses like fever and stimulate milk production. 

To grow them beautiful and healthy, they would need to be in a lighted place far from heat vents. Watering them is not a hassle since they only need to be watered once a week, ideally when the soil becomes so dry. Also, they would need to be under a normal temperature area. Not too cold, and not too hot. 


Begonias are also perfect to be grown indoors, especially for beginners. They come in two forms: upright begonias and trailing begonias. Their ruffled flowers also bloom in a wide range of colors such as pink, white, orange, yellow, and red. Additionally, begonias are easy to care for. 

Unlike most plants, they don’t like the heat of the scorching sun, and they would enjoy dark and shady places in your home. Growing them also comes in various sizes, and in watering them, do your best not to allow the soil to dry up. You may check the soil’s moisture by sticking your finger into it, and if you feel it’s already dried, then it’s time to water it. 

Peace Lily

This plant is great to be an indoor plant. Their unique features include glossy, dark oval-shaped leaves where their pointed end part is narrowed. People love it for they also produce a color green flower then slowly transform to white-colored flowers that are usually compared to calla lilies. 

Compared to most indoor plants, peace lilies would need more attention and should be watered from time to time to ensure that the soil is kept moist. But overwatering is still a big wrong move. Another way to help it grow better is to place it in a bright spot. 


In planting, you’ll get to learn the importance of patience and proper caring, especially for delicate plants. You would have to wait for your plants to grow and care for them as they reproduce. This is the most exciting part of planting when you finally see that what you have planted has already grown into a beautiful plant. 

Thus, this is also why many people are now into planting, especially this 2021. Listed above are plants that you could try planting in your home. Through this, there is no wonder if you’ll have a better and livelier place.

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