Ghost Mannequin Apparel Product Photography Becomes Top Choice Among Fashion Brand Owners

To sell any commercial product, product marketing is a must. Whether there is less competition or more competition, or even no competition, if your product is not positioned in front of people on a routine basis, you will not make the targeted sale. Same goes for apparel product marketing. In order to sell fashion products or apparel products, brand owners much undertake an extensive marketing strategy to promote them to the buyers. Ghost mannequin service makes is easier and more effective for business owner promoting their products.

Why Ghost Mannequin Photography is Used to Promote Apparel Products?

Buyers buying anything consumer goods online look at one thing first, that is the product photography. It’s not the same experience as buying a shirt or jacket from a retail shop. In a retail shop, consumers can browse around the store, touch and feel the shirt or pants or jacket, try it out in the trial room or fitting room, look them in the mirror and get a feel as to how they would look in that item. This is a very satisfying buying experience as consumers can buy the item they like. They can also buy the right size item as there are fitting rooms for them to try on the item.

Whole underlying concept on buying an apparel product is how a person would look in it. If the look is taken away, then there is no point in buying any specific item to begin with. An online buying cannot offer the same experience to buyers. They cannot vision them in the fashion item and get a sense of perception how that would look on them.

Only way to create that perception is by having a model wearing the item. Since the use of model is an expensive part of the marketing campaign, product owners are leaning towards the next most effective alternative – ghost mannequin photography.

How Ghost Mannequin is Used on Apparel Brand Websites?

In a ghost mannequin photography, the clothing product looks like someone is wearing it. However, that someone is not visible. It is a hollow shaped clothing product which looks like a ghost or the invisible man wearing the product.

Remember the old TV serial the Invisible Man? There was a new version of the movie as well. Even if someone didn’t get to watch the whole movie or too young to remember the TV serial, they know how a shirt and jacket on a man would look on an invisible man. Ghost mannequin photography creates the same look.

Product photos are taken on mannequins and then they are edited to give the ghost look. Edited images looking like ghost images are then published on the eCommerce websites.

How Ghost Mannequin Photos Are Edited?

Editing part is mostly done in photoshop. Since photoshop is a licensed product, someone not editing commercially can use another free photo editing tool to achieve the same outcome.

In the initial editing phase, clipping path of photo cut out process is performed to separate the clothing object from the mannequin. Photoshop experts then use their editing and retouching skill to join the cut pieces together and form the ghost mannequin shape.

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