How Essay Services Work During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many changes to the lives of all people. Some of them lost their jobs, others lost their family members who suffered from the new virus. Still, the majority has been trying to get used to the new reality and adjust their working processes to meet the needs of the employees and customers. The same is true for the writing business. Students and business owners still need texts for their academic and professional purposes, so there was no way for the writing industry to stop working during the pandemic. In this post, we are revealing how college essay writers and custom writing agencies coped with the quarantine to continue working for its clients.

Remote work

Once the WHO declared the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic, a lot of companies moved their businesses online. Essay writing services were not an exception, so all of them demanded their employees and freelancers to work from home. This was done to ensure their safety and, of course, continue offering their services to all their customers. All essay writers were provided with a stable Internet connection and laptops to work remotely, so the transition from office work to home went smoothly.

Staffing increases

When the quarantine was imposed on the majority of residents from Western countries, students were asked to move to their homes to continue their studies online. Since online learning was the only way to study in the conditions of the new world’s pandemic, the need for essay writers increased. Students could not deal with the amount of homework they were given, so they started to look for assistance on the Internet. As you can see, every professional essay writer got a chance of earning well during the COVID-19.

To realize this possibility, essay writing services simplified the procedure of hiring remote writers and made it more effective, so that only the best authors could join the team. As a result, the majority of custom writing websites integrated many experienced specialists into their pool of writers easily.

Discounts and special offers

To ensure customer satisfaction, some changes were also implemented. Firstly, writing companies started to offer massive discounts to new customers. They provide up to 15% off on the first order and up to 20% if you decide to use the help of a new pro essay writer. Also, they started to launch referral programs to attract even more customers. All these steps were taken to help students get through the challenges of the new changing economic circumstances and still be able to use the writing and editing services.

24/7 Customer Support

Although all the staff of writing services was forced to work from home, Customer Support departments continued to assist users 24/7. At the time of the pandemic, customers of essay writing services have been experiencing trouble with an Internet connection that influenced their ability to communicate with writers. They also needed the assistance of Customer Support regarding account navigation, draft downloads, and making payments. Support agents have been doing a great job serving users from all over the world.

Customer Satisfaction As a Priority

Understanding the importance of ensuring customer satisfaction has never been so crucial than at times of fighting the COVID-19. Now that the majority of students and young people cut their expenditures to save money for the future, serving them even better than before is the only option for the writing company or a freelance essay writer to get through the crisis and keep their clients. Therefore, writing services developed and tested new features for their users and trained their staff to deal with customer requests faster and more effectively.

Free Writing Materials

Every writing company and a freelance writer who wants to be noticed, get new clients, and keep old ones, has a blog on their website. They post writing tips, tutorials on how to find an essay writer free online, and guides to various essay types for students to read and use in their studies.

Since the majority of high schools and colleges switched to distant learning, students needed to complete more homework in a written form. Hence, the need for cheap writing services increased drastically, and writing companies started to create their blogs and free materials sections on their websites intensively. Now, you can check a lot of sample essays, checklists, and guides before ordering an assignment and make sure that essay writer free content is what you are looking for.

Simplified sign-up process

The last but not the least important step closer to customers that writing services have made was simplified the registration and the process of placing the order. As a result, a student does not need to fill out lengthy sign-up forms now. Instead, they can input only the major details of their assignment, email address, and password to buy a paper online.

As you can see, the custom writing industry has done its best to meet the challenge of remote work during the pandemic and continue to serve its clients well. Companies made a few steps to ensure their employees’ comfort and ability to work from home. With such an approach, writing businesses are likely to survive the economic crisis of 2020.

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