How To Create A Successful Instagram Account For Your Business

During the earlier days of Instagram, the most successful accounts were popular celebrities and well-known bloggers. This has changed today. There are businesses in different industries succeeding on this social media platform, and this has provided companies with a powerful marketing tool. Instagram is visual in nature, and this has made it a good tool to use for branding because it gives them a chance of crafting and refining their company’s image. When you establish an account on Instagram, you have instant exposure to hundreds of millions of people. This makes it important to make social media marketing part and parcel of your marketing strategy.

Keep in mind that the content you post on Instagram is going to reflect on your brand. The content you post on your social media platforms will influence the opinions people form about your brand. When starting on Instagram, most businesses make the mistake of following the lead of companies and users who have enjoyed success on the platform. This means tapping into the same types of keywords or using similar hashtags. Such techniques can work, but there are other steps you have to take if you want to succeed. The tips below from Social Shaft will help you get ideas on how to grow your account quickly:

1. Investing in better photography equipment

Your smartphone camera might be good, but the quality of the photo will not be the same as those taken using a professional camera. Smartphones are not that good when it comes to factors such as the ability to adjust to different lighting situations. You cannot adjust the pixel density of the photo using your smartphone camera. Traditional DLSR does the job well. Smartphone cameras are always advancing, it will still take time before they reach the same quality of photos as a professional camera.

If you want to have the best quality, then you have to invest in a DSLR camera and a couple of lenses. You should learn the basic photography techniques so you can know which lenses to use in what situation. The more you take the time to learn about shots and lenses, the better the quality photos you are going to take.

This can make you balk a little bit, and it is understandable. No one likes it when they realize they have to spend extra money on something. The good thing is the cost of quality cameras has significantly decreased recently, and this means you can now get a good quality camera without having to spend a lot of money. Lenses are going to be costly. One good option is buying a few basic lenses for a start. If the shots you want to take require specialty lenses, then you can rent them. There are many companies out there offering lenses rental services at affordable prices. There is no excuse for poor-quality photos on your Instagram page.

2. Curating your content

You should not upload every photo you take. This can result in your followers getting irritated and they can start ignoring your content. You might be tempted to post a beautiful sunrise you saw during the weekend or a photo of the amazing donut that one of your co-workers brought to the workplace. You should always share content that is relevant to your account.

When deciding what to post, think about content that is going to reflect your brand. What you post has to be relevant and should help in creating the image you want for the company. If the photo you want to post doesn’t meet these requirements, then you shouldn’t post it. It can be fun to post photos on Instagram, you need to keep in mind that it is a form of advertising and best times to post Instagram is very curious how you boost your profile. You have to treat this the same way you treat other marketing campaigns. A good way to do this is to create special hashtags that you are going to use on every post. This will make things easier because users can easily find your posts. This is going to help with your Instagram marketing efforts.

Professional photographers know that it is important to put personal feelings aside when choosing the photos to keep and which to get rid of. You should learn from them. Do not allow emotions to take over when choosing the content to post. 

3. Using editing as necessary

There are both negative and positive aspects when it comes to Instagram filters. There are cases when it enhances content, which makes it trendier and more attractive. If you are not careful and go overboard with them, you can easily ruin a good photo.

If you want to succeed with Instagram, it might be good to get an image editing program such as Photoshop. You are going to have more control over editing the photos, and you can make them look professional. Even if you don’t have the time to learn Photoshop, you can get a program with built-in editing features that are going to improve the quality of your photos. You can use Photoshop for other projects apart from Instagram. It is going to be a good tool for your business. There are many good tools out there that can help you improve the quality of your photo and make them more professional.

The main thing to take from the article is you have to treat Instagram like any other advertising campaign. You need to make sure you are posting high-quality photos and videos on your account. If you do the above, you will be able to grow your account. This can help a lot with your marketing efforts. A good Instagram marketing campaign can do a lot for your company.

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