How to Promote New Products and Services Using Email Marketing

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Email marketing is a digital marketing staple in 2020 because it brings the desired results. You can create a mix of materials ranging from promotional details to well-crafted call to actions or CTAs integrated well with an email signature.

How to Promote New Products and Services Using Email Marketing 1

In fact, email marketing is an excellent place for new products. Email marketing is often regarded as a great way to reach people that have either made a buying decision with your brand or are leads that are interested in hearing about your brand at the very least. If you have or are in the process of having an email marketing campaign, you have a list of subscribers interested in hearing from you. Use this knowledge to your benefit by promoting your new products and services through email marketing.

Now that we have established that email marketing and new products work well together, you need to figure out a logical integration. Keeping this in mind, the next logical step is to promote new products and services using email marketing in 2020 and beyond.

Plan and create content for the new products              

When it comes to digital marketing, content is influential. For a brand to launch a successful promotional campaign, you need some excellent content. There are plenty of ways you can curate good content. In fact, there are specialist content and SEO companies like Safari SEO Melbourne that work exclusively on creating content that is valuable for EDM and organic marketing.  

Start a newsletter, maintain a blog, maintain social media accounts, and prepare an email marketing content schedule that incorporates all of this. Use all the content distribution channels to your benefit and focus on curating content that resonates with your target audience. Email marketing is a great way to share this content with a section of your target audience that wants to hear from you.

Use a professional email signature                 

If you are going to start an email marketing campaign, you need an email signature. A personal email signature is so much more than just a digital business card; it has banners, click-through buttons, and all the right ingredients to increase your brand activity.

For example, you can start promoting your new products with a new product or service banner in your email signature. A banner is a perfect place to create some buzz without being too pushy. Alternatively, if your email content is dedicated to an informational message about your new product or service, the banner can act as a call to action or CTA. It will be a CTA to direct your target audience towards making a buying decision with your brand.

Use customer testimonials and reviews                      

How many times have you rushed and scrolled down to the review section of a product or service? We are all guilty of skimming through reviews, and statistics prove that testimonials can sway buying decisions. If you have a curated list of email subscribers interested in hearing from you, you should take this opportunity to share your customer feedback.

Customer reviews or testimonials of a new product shared through emails could help customers decide whether the product is something they want. Just make sure these reviews are authentic, as customers of all segments will be more accepting of a review section with both positive and negative aspects as more likely to be truthful and trustworthy.

Include giveaways and special deals/offers                 

When you create a content schedule for a new product, you want to leave no stone unturned. Starting from throwing out feelers to giveaways– they all work, especially if it is a new product. Sometimes a giveaway can be a great way of cementing your testimonials and CTA. Your email subscribers are people who have enough interest in your content to subscribe to your emails.

So, use this to your advantage and target giveaways specifically to those already engaged in your brand. Email marketing has proven to yield high return on investments or ROIs because it has the ability to reach people that are interested in your brand, your products, and your services. Include giveaways and specials deals and offers to continue on keeping these people engaged.

Don’t forget to use CTA in your emails            

An email signature is believed to be a great place to include a CTA, but it is not the only place to have a CTA. As a general rule of thumb, you should always create a CTA in emails that encourage your readers to try, check, or buy your products and services.

How to Promote New Products and Services Using Email Marketing 2

First, before drafting your CTA, you need to decide the purpose of your CTA. Loosely speaking, it is to encourage a buying decision, but a CTA can also be something that redirects your readers to a platform that promotes sales. In case you are promoting a new product or service using email marketing, using a CTA can direct your readers to this product or service and encourage them to make a buying decision with your brand.

Promote the new product through different channels  

The beauty of content creation or curation is that you can use the information across different channels if you package it well. For example, you can use a testimonial to highlight a customer experience in your social media channels, your website, and your email marketing campaign.

In other words, you can use email marketing and your SMM to work together and complement your efforts. This promotional strategy is regarded as a great way to promote your content and cross-promote your marketing channels. Regardless, promoting a new product through different media options will give your content the required exposure and drive traffic towards your sales channels through multiple avenues. 

Creating a promotional strategy about a new product or service is equal parts about creating content and creating a distribution plan. Include it all: an email signature, a social media shout-out, and a well-defined email marketing campaign.

Email marketing is regarded as a great way to reach people who are interested in hearing from your brand. Promoting or launching a new product or service can be a process that requires persistence and planning. Keep the tips above on how to promote new products and services using email marketing in mind and launch your new product or service in a significant way.

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