Impact of Social Media Promotion on SEO

Impact of Social Media Promotion on SEO

Promotion in social networks (Social media marketing (SMM)) is a set of measures to attract attention to an Internet resource (website, blog) in social media. SMM includes advertising in groups and communities, promotion of communities among the audience of a social network.

Choosing the best social media handles is one of the most important fact while doing social media marketing or social media promotion. In 2021, social media promotion is playing a great role for search engine optimization.

SMM in the Service Market

In addition to promotion in search results, promotion in social networks has settled on a separate line in the market. By and large, social media promotion (SMM) is the creation of groups or communities on popular topics and the regular publication of posts in these groups or communities. It is believed that an SMM specialist should be guided by the needs of the audience, administer the community that he leads and promotes, and be able to integrate SMM marketing into the general marketing channel of the brand being promoted. Some of the most important qualities of such a marketer are the skills of interacting with the audience of the community, the ability to direct user activity in the right direction by analyzing the incoming flows of users and, accordingly, the topics of interest to them, which are most likely of interest to this audience, to attract this audience by creating a survey or discussion on a topic that will make the promoted community a discussion forum. Naturally, all this requires knowledge of web analytics,

Community Content Creation Tips

When creating posts, we recommend taking small, concise texts, for example, news on a topic in your area. Use bright, eye-catching illustrations. At the end of posts, use hashtags so that users looking for news by hashtags can find your posts, even if they are not in a group or public. In the posts, give links to the promoted pages of your site. The combination of search engine promotion and promotion in social networks is described below. Try to make your posts easy to read from mobile devices. And be sure to chat with your followers. Your community shouldn’t be a voice in the wilderness. If you use deferred posting, which is quite convenient, then try to keep posts in popular times, otherwise users may simply not see them.


If you look closely at the promotion in social networks, it becomes obvious that it is impossible to do with just promotion in search or only promotion in social networks. Rather, it is possible, but it is a longer way, in both cases.

Why do you need SEO skills in promoting your community?

So, the community is being promoted on the social network, posting ads in popular groups, posting cats loved by the public and everything seems to be great, but why not raise this community to the top of the search results. This will allow a large number of users to join the community if they are already registered in the popular social network to which the group or public belongs. How can you do this? It’s very simple, you need to create several wikipedia pages on the topic of the community with articles in a group or public. The titles of the articles must exactly match the request that you can pick up on the wordstat. Several articles on narrow and medium queries (up to about 100 and up to 1000 impressions per month). These articles should reveal the essence of the subject from different angles, present different opinions on the topic, and give a definition. Articles are written in an encyclopedic style, like on Wikipedia, ranging in size from 700 to 1100 words. It is desirable that they contain several subsections. So, we looked at how search promotion can help in promoting a community on social networks. 

And how do social networks help with website promotion in search?

One of the factors in promoting a website page in search is the presence of links to a resource. Usually, SEOs offer these links to buy on various doorways or link farms. Buying such links leads to a vicious circle, as doorways and link farms quickly find and close, the site loses its ratings, because unscrupulous resources have referred to it, SEOs are looking for links again, and then in a circle. So how can a public or social media group help? A community on the same topic as a site can provide free and quality inbound links to your site. Thus, the desire of search engines to see external links to the resource is satisfied, but at the same time one of the key questions about where to get these links is solved. It should be noted, however, that some consider links from social networks to be weightier for search engine algorithms. There are good reasons for this. Search robots evaluate inbound links as a factor in the popularity and authority of a site in a given topic. And whose link might look the most authoritative? Of course, this is a link given by a living person, a simple user of a social network, who re-posts content from a group dedicated to the same topic as the site, for example. To ensure that the social network is filled with real people, and not bots are monitored by the social networks themselves, 

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