Internet Marketing and Businesses go hand in hand!

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Internet Marketing and Businesses go hand in hand!

In today’s world, it’s very uncommon for any organization or business not to reach out to its customers with the help of any one of the most commonly used social media platforms. Social media has basically become a means of connection with your customer base in order to increase your visibility, credibility, and eventually revenue. Having good products and team is not enough. Just because spectrum customer service is great – most people won’t know of its existence if it does not have a presence online.

Businesses have started to recognize the increasing importance of social media for its benefits like generating useful customer insights, creating demand for their product or service, and coming up with customized and personalized offers. The conventional brick and mortar business world knew its importance, and now the world of e-commerce business does as well.

Research shows that the knowledge sharing process gets better within organizations by establishing strong social networks, the goal of which is to make project management easier and to allow for a smooth transition of technical knowledge. When social technologies are introduced in organizations, it encourages interaction and makes communication better, which helps in removing limitations and boundaries, resulting in a more efficient workforce.

On the contrary, fewer social shares signifies lesser social acceptance, and can contribute to the downfall of a business’ credibility and reputation. 

The interesting part is that the leveraging of social sharing is becoming a standard, rather than a benchmark in the business world. Companies that experience negative publicity through social media have to either make a strong comeback using multiple campaigns, or they decide to simply eliminate the social sharing options or buttons for them from these platforms.

  • If a product/brand is capable of attracting good shares and going viral, it can strengthen the sales exponentially. But when the opposite happens and negative word spreads, then the customers start doubting the company, which can become a stigma for the company for a very long time.
  • It’s a great signifier of the power of the internet that even people with a narrow social circle in real life can be seen and noticed greatly on these platforms. And the greater extent of social interactions on these platforms encourages them to indulge in things that make them a part of the mainstream, like generating memes and creating publications that strengthen their worldview.
  • Without the existence of the social media, many of the major ethical, moral, and political evils of modern times would have had absolutely little prominence. Augmented visibility of such social subjects has moved the power to the commons, which used to be in the hands of only a few.

On the flipside, social media is gradually slaying the realists mindset & ideology, and has started leaning increasingly towards the idealists approach.

The only reason the importance of so-called social activism can’t be ignored is that it increases awareness regarding issues, morals, and values concerning our society. Whether or not the awareness is provoking some action remains a pivotal question and a separate domain of discussion altogether.

There is a school of thought that believes that social sharing has stimulated the increased usage of mobile phones, PCs, and other related devices to express their takes on societal concerns without involving themselves enthusiastically with people supporting the same cause in real life, leaving their support instead to simply to hitting the “like” or “share” button. It is natural human behavior that when people are provided with choices, they try to go with the one that liberates them from the duty to actually act.

Social media is also often accused of not properly protecting the identity of users. Many users fall victim to fraud and more. It is often countered though that it’s the social media users that should be blamed for all these mishaps, as nobody forces them to put such vulnerable information online. Having proper familiarity of the public and private aspects of social media platforms will resolve these issues to a major extent. Regrettably, by the time the private information or content is removed, it might be a little too late, and can result in issues in the person’s life. An easy way to keep yourself safe from such things is to get AT&T internet since it offers a security suite alongside for free – for this very reason. 

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