Is CBD Oil For Horses Safe?

People and pets have complicated relationships. Even though you know that your horse might not understand everything you are saying, you still care about it a lot. Imagine if, out of nowhere, it decided that it was not going to eat at all because of internal pain. 

You would want to do everything in your power to help. One of the best medications that are taking over the world is CBD oil. Now, even though there have not been any studies performed on horses, many online forums, and reports state that it helps significantly in many situations.

Many equestrians have tried administering it, and they saw zero adverse effects. Cannabidiol does not have any side effects in humans, dogs, and cats. All of us fall under the Mammalia family, and we all have an endocannabinoid system. That means that you will not have to think twice about giving a few drops to your equine in the morning and at night. 

What are some of the reasons why you should use it?

Not a single living organism can escape aging. As time goes by, our bodies start to give out. That is just the way life is. After a horse passes through maturity, it starts to experience inflammation, pain, stress, anxiety, and chronic stiffness. 

All these problems make their quality of life much worse than it used to be. That is why most owners want to help in any way they can. You can’t use CBD oil from online sites like Holistapet as a means to cure all diseases, but it helps with a lot of processes. 

One of them is regulating appetite and metabolism. There is a period in every equine’s life when they simply do not want to eat. There are tons of different causes for that, but without food, there is no energy. We all need energy to keep on living. If you have ever smoked weed, then you know how it feels to get the munchies. 

That is the cannabidiol working and regulating your appetite. It also helps to improve emotional states, and it elevates mood. That is why everyone is happy, and everything is a bit funnier after a few puffs. It also helps the immune system work better. It lubricates the joints and helps with mobility, handles irritated skin efficiently, and promotes better bowel health and digestion. 

Seeing that we have the same endocannabinoid system, all these benefits will get transferred to your riding buddy. If your horse was depressed and unable to eat, then giving them a few drops in the morning and the evening will make a huge difference. You will start to feel as if it’s a completely different animal. 

Is it safe?

Even though there are not any horse-specific studies, all the research that has been conducted on other mammals points to a positive outcome. There are no toxic elements to CBD oils, and they do not cause addiction. Many people think that if you use products that contain cannabidiol, you will get hooked like with alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs. 

But that is simply not true. It is medicine, and even when used in high doses, it can be tolerated. Over the past 20 years of rigorous testing, there have only been a few mild side effects. These include dry mouth and drowsiness. 

The easiest way to handle a dry mouth if it happens to your equine is to give them more water. On the other hand, if they feel sleepy after you provide it to them, that means that you overdid it with the dosage. Always start with a small amount and increase it if you don’t see any results. Follow this link for more info

The body is a marvel of biological engineering. This includes the ECS. Even if you never give your equine a drop of CBD, they will still have endocannabinoids flowing in their bodies, just like we have them too. This system is responsible for regulating memory, temperature, immune function, mood, inflammation, sleep, digestion, and pain. 

Its primary purpose is to keep mammal bodies in homeostasis. Even if your riding buddy did not show you any adverse signs, they would surely feel better. There is no way for them to say thank you, but that is the truth. 

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