Khao Music and Amada Records Team Up For New Powerful Single Release

Khao Music And Amada

Amada Records joins Multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated music producer Kevin “Khao” Cates, T.I., and Joyner Lucas in the fight for justice for our people! Khao is not only a Grammy-nominated music producer, he is also an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and motivational speaker. Where he has been taking action towards the fight for black justice. In 2008, Khao took time off from music to create “Bridge DA Gap.” Bridge DA Gap is a 501c3 non-profit organization that combines hip hop music, education and mentoring to reach students and teach life skills applicable in today’s socially challenged environment. Now that Khao is stepping back into the music scene, this will be his “welcome back to the forefront” with his new single “Scared Of Us.”

The very political record “Scared Of Us” drops this Friday off Khao’s upcoming new album. He wants to make it clear that “the title of the song is not about telling people to riot, it is about how people are scared if we really get on one agenda” said Khao. The making of the song started over a year ago and it is all coming together and what better time to drop the record then now. “This song was in the making for over a year and a half. We needed a record that spoke about things going on in the world” said Khao.

Now more than ever this is the perfect time to release it and this is the first time in 10 years that Khao and T.I. are back together on a record. They have made many legendary records together but this one is different. This song will be the perfect introduction to Khao’s album. “It is about teaching people as well because people are woke. Gives them knowledge that will pour into people’s mind” said Khao. With this song being in the works for a while, Khao made sure to have Joyner Lucas add his flavor to the record. “I am a fan of Joyner. He was already on my list of people to work with” said Khao. Additionally, Grey and J Morris were a part of the record and Khao mentioned “I feel like everyone on this record did a great job. J Morris did an amazing job on the hook and Grey did his thang!”

He believes it is time to make a change and he has clearly been taking action by bridging the gap through his leadership and releasing timeless music that will highlight police brutality and the fight for justice. Stay tuned for the release on Friday where Amada Records, Khao, T.I.,Joyner Lucas, Grey, and J Morris will set the record straight for the fight for black justice.

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