Manual vs Automated: Which Background Removal Service You Need to Get

Background removal service is getting a new trend these days. And the new trend in removing image background is called the automated or online tool-based background removal. A mere search for the topic will land you on scores of search results showing sites, pages or companies offering automated removal services for your image backgrounds. At the end of the day, does it work? Do these tools or app-based removal services meet the need of the clients?

Let’s take a deep loo in to this topic.

Manual vs Automated Background Removal Service

Well, we all know what manual is. It is doing something manually or by hand. In the manual process of removing background, a photoshop expert takes the image and uses either clipping or masking techniques to isolate the object. Each image can have multiple objects and which object or whether all the objects will need to be isolated or not depends on client requirements.

Once the object or objects are isolated, graphic designer then takes the isolated object and saves them in a new blank file. The new file will only have the object with white or transparent background. This is the manual process of removing the background using photoshop tool. This method requires a graphic designer using photoshop tool and using a computer to remove the background manually.

With tool or app-based background removal service, a client uploads the image with background and selects which part of the image background needs to be removed. The online app or tool does the rest on the fly.

Quality Comparison on Both Background Removal Services

When it comes to quality, manual methods that requires a graphic designer to use photoshop tool is by far the best way to remove the image background. It produces the best result and most accurate outline. With automated methods, some fine details are always left behind and not caught by the tool. This method therefore doesn’t produce the most accurate result.

If you are looking for the best quality photo retouching service, then you must elect the manual method of removing photo background. If you are on a budget and do not need that accurate result, you can resort to the automated method.

Why Will You Need Manual Background Removal Service?

We have already mentioned that manual method produces the most accurate result. If you are dealing with eCommerce product photography or model photography that has hair, or clothing photography that has fur, then you must use manual method. Automated methods will more than likely miss out fine details behind the hair or fur.

The type of result automated methods renders, eCommerce product marketers or advertising agencies find them unsuitable for commercial publications. If you therefore need quality background removal service with most accurate outlines and stunning outlook, you must select manual methods. While the cost will be higher with manual method, it is the right method for that are selected by professionals.

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