Need-to-Know Facts About Combining Your PDF Files Using GogoPDF Merger Tool

Many years ago, dealing with PDF files has been a struggle for most PDF users worldwide. Today, you can find many websites that will offer you access to various tools you can use to manage your PDF files most conveniently. One of the most popular tools that have been usually used for effective file organization is the PDF file merger tool.

You can also find many file merger tool providers online, but GogoPDF is where most users put trust and confidence for years. GogoPDF is an online platform with different helpful electronic file tools that will provide you with a fantastic experience of file management and organization. Here are the following facts about combining your PDF files using the GogoPDF file merger tool that you need to know.

Fast File Merging Process

All PDF users want to use an online tool without complicated procedures and time-consuming steps to get everything done. Busy people like you always look for a tool that has the capability to process your request in the quickest time possible. That’s why you have to use the PDF file merger of GogoPDF because it’s a tool that always values your time and effort.

GogoPDF can merge PDF files within a couple of minutes. However, the more files you combine, the more time it takes to get it done. You only have to visit the website of GogoPDF and upload the PDFs you want to merge on its file merger tool online.

Then, the system will start the merging process. Once the tool has successfully combined all your uploaded PDFs, you can now download the merged files to your computer. That’s how quick it is to merge your PDF files using the GogoPDF tool.

Customizes File Organization

The primary objective of merging your PDF files is to make your computer folders look more organized. It’s because tons of PDFs scattered around your device’s screen will make it a little bit difficult for you to locate a particular PDF document you need. Hence, the PDF file merger tool of GogoPDF will help you employ effective file organization.

One good thing about using this file merger tool is that it allows you to use a particular file organization method that you think will work best. If you’re a student, you can combine all of your learning materials in PDF format that you use for the same curricular subject. You can also merge those PDFs from the subjects you enrolled in the same school year, semester, or term.

If you deal with PDF files as part of your job in the company you’re working for, you may unify those files you need in completing the same projects or tasks. You can also merge those PDFs that come from the same company department. You can employ your personal file organization method that you think is better than the others discussed above.

Don’t forget to put a new name to the merged files so that the next time you’ll need a specific PDF document, you’ll know which computer folder to check and which combined files to search. By doing so, it’ll save you time and will help you become more productive.

Compatibility Feature

One of the strengths of the PDF file merger tool of GogoPDF is its compatibility feature. The tool is compatible with many devices and with whatever operating system you have. If you’re using a laptop or a desktop computer, you’ll never encounter any technical issues with the tool. If you have a tablet or smartphone, it’s totally fine.

Operating systems like Linux, Mac, and Windows are also compatible with the file merger tool of GogoPDF. The only requirements you should meet before you can start using the tool are to have a functional electronic device, connect to a stable internet, and access a safe web browser. If you have all of these, you’ll then have access to the file merger tool of GogoPDF and get your PDF files combined anytime and anywhere.

File Protection Policy

The PDF files you usually use may contain valuable data and information that you don’t want other people to access and use without your permission. Because of this, it’s also understandable that you may become skeptical about uploading your PDF files on the online file merger tool of GogoPDF.

No need to worry! GogoPDF completely understands your concern. After you’ve downloaded the merged PDFs to your computer or smartphone, the system will delete all of your files you’ve uploaded online after one hour. GogoPDF will permanently erase your files from its server so that nobody can access and retrieve them without permission. Hence, it’ll make you confident that your files are safe with GogoPDF.


Having well-organized file folders on your computer or smartphone can significantly help you become more productive. Otherwise, it might cause you stress and other file-related problems. Good thing that GogoPDF is now available online with a PDF file merger tool you can use for free. Hence, if you haven’t tried this tool before, it’s time for you to explore and see how GogoPDF can help you further with your file needs.

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