New Jersey To Cali: Famous Women With Breast Implants

Famous women are put under a lot of pressure to look perfect and flawless and often they have to change how they look to meet the standards of Hollywood. We take a look at famous ladies from New Jersey to California who had breast implants to ‘better’ their looks. If you’re curious, a top doctor can be found with a simple search of ‘Breast Implants NJ,’ and their work appears to be of equal results than what you’ll see on these women.

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Danielle Staub

We start our list with one of the real housewives of New Jersey, Danielle Staub. Back in 2009, before filming season 2 of ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’, she had a fourth surgery and had DD-sized implants inserted. But that wasn’t the start of her journey with breast implants. The 57-year-old got her first implants in 1992 and had two surgeries 10 years later.
However, Danielle wasn’t happy with how things turned out for her. According to a report by ‘The Daily Mail’, she had suffered fatigue and body temperature drops for 10 years and blamed the implants. Danielle had the implants removed and said she felt better.

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Zoe Saldana

Zoe is a natural beauty but clearly felt that her breasts weren’t big enough. Rumours about her boob job have been going around for quite a while. If you look at the photos shared by ‘Scoop’, it’s clear there’s a difference between how Zoe used to look and how she looks today.

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Anne Hathaway

Although the ‘Princess Diaries’ star has been rumoured to have gotten many cosmetic procedures done, it is her breasts that have most people talking. Anne is known for being a talented actress who is very skinny. Being skinny also means that you’re rather flat-chested. For Anne, the solution to this was breast implants, and they’re kind of obvious. 

Judging by the pictures to be found of Anne, she’s gone up to a 36C. As ‘Celebie’ reports, there’s no way to explain how Anne went from the way she looked when we met her to how supple her breasts are. Well, there’s one explanation – breast implants.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has gone through many changes since she entered the limelight. She’s far from the fresh-faced and big-eyed young girl we first met so many years ago. One of the most notable changes Kylie went through has to be the size of her breasts. Although she denies it, the photos that are shared by ‘Who’ is certainly making us look twice.

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Kim Kardashian

Unlike Kylie, her older sister Kim’s breast implants aren’t as big a ‘mystery’. In fact, ‘Heat World’ reported that Kim forked out £100,000 (more than $121 000) for a complete overhaul in 2016. Her boobs were not neglected during this special treatment – they got enlarged to a 34E. 

Many feel that it’s not much of a surprise that Kim had breast implants – she’s been about making the most of her body for years. The reality star has even been labelled ‘obsessed’ with looking perfect. Checkout capsulectomy.

According to the press, Kanye West, her hubby, was not complaining about the change to her breasts at all. He’s actually pretty impressed, from what we can gather.

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Angelina Jolie

Admired actress Angelina Jolie isn’t hiding that she had surgery done on her breasts. However, her reason was not about looking a certain way. She had a preventive double mastectomy to reduce her risk of breast cancer. After that, she had her breasts reconstructed, and chose to have teardrop-shaped implants.

‘Tulsa Surgical Arts’ reported that this shape was chosen so Angelina’s breasts would have a more natural appearance. She made use of donor skin to support and contour the new implants.

It was a seemingly complicated procedure and was done in a series of three surgeries. After her breast surgery, Angelina was feeling energised and working again. We can totally understand why she chose this path – breast cancer is a serious matter.

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Kaley Cuoco

The beautiful blonde bombshell from ‘The Big Bang Theory’ hasn’t kept it a secret that she had a breast implant when she was only 18 years old. The actress said she had no boobs, according to ‘Cosmeditour Australia’.

Kaley, who is admired for her voluptuous body, said she felt like she was ill-proportioned and that getting implants made her feel a lot more confident. She wasn’t trying to look a certain way, just feel better about herself.

These ladies all had their own reasons for wanting to change how their breasts look. If you’re in the New Jersey area and want to have a breast implant, you may be afraid of getting work done and it not working out or being a success. Well, a top doctor can be found with a simple search of ‘Breast Implants NJ,’ and their work appears to be of equal results. 

You don’t have to be embarrassed that you want to have work done – it’s something that many beautiful women do all over the world.

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