News about 5G: What is it and What Can We Do With It?

If you’re old enough to remember a time without smartphones, then you probably remember how slow 2G and 3G connectivity could sometimes be. In fact, these cellular networks often crashed during busy events because they couldn’t cope with so many people wanting to access them – remember the days of sending your Happy New Year text a few hours early to beat the rush? These days we’re used to much smoother connectivity thanks to 4G and the introduction of 5G, which has happened over the past few months. As a nation that has come to rely on smartphones, the internet on the move and the ability to access our emails from anywhere it stands to reason that mobile phone companies are going to try and continue to offer their customers more.

Do We Really Need Faster Internet?

We’re starting to rely on the internet to do more than ever, so it stands to reason that we are going to want faster internet connections. Not only that, but we are going to want a more reliable mobile network signal, no matter where in the country we are. Although 4G gives around 80% coverage worldwide, there are still places throughout the country that don’t have access to 4G. This means that doing things like streaming videos and playing games via a mobile phone just doesn’t happen, as 3G doesn’t have the capability to keep up with the needs of these activities.

What Can We Do with 5G?

The idea behind 5G is to give a strong level of mobile phone coverage – this means that streaming videos and playing games should become possible, no matter where we are. 5G has a pretty extensive capability which means that using platforms like Spinbit to enjoy casino games with a live croupier will be possible – bringing a whole new level of interaction to mobile phone games. The truth is that when it comes to 5G if you’re in an area which is covered then what you can do with it is pretty much endless. If you can load it on your phone, then with 5G you can feel confident that you won’t be left behind because your mobile network can’t keep up. 5G started its official rollout in April 2019 in South Korea and we’re likely to see many countries having the capability to make use of the 5G network in the next couple of years.

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