Personal loans, advice for applying for a loan

Personal loans, advice for applying for a loan

Here is an article for anyone who needs to apply for consumer credit financing.

Here are 11 points to keep in mind to deal well with the world of loans. Today going prepared for a personal loan can be considered useful, especially when those who need to take out a loan do not know the world of credit institutions very well. So here is a recommendation of 11 tips for those who would like to take out a loan. Before a signature, it is good to know.

What is a personal loan?

Loan per person, is a disbursement of a sum of money by a credit institution or a financial institution. The loan is repaid with a fixed or variable installment plan. The term, we recall, is the annual percentage rate of charge, which essentially tells how much interest on the loan is in a year.

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What are the requirements for a personal loan?

All adults, aged 18 and over, can apply for loans. Sometimes guarantees are needed, other times not. Those who have the most chance to take out a loan are those citizens who pay their monthly deadlines, that is, a customer who is able to support repayment ability.

When you can’t get a loan?

If you have a paycheck, and you already have another loan in progress, you cannot apply for another if it exceeds one third of your salary. So you avoid over-indebtedness.

What to do before signing the loan. The Tan, or the nominal annual rate, must be considered. It is expressed as a percentage, applied either to the sum of money or gross of insurance costs and costs. Another indicator is the annual percentage rate of charge.

What to ask the bank?

Each bank or credit institution must always ask for basic information on consumer credit, a document that contains very useful information on the credits and loans to choose from.

The contract

Pay attention to the contract. The parameters must be those established by the Bank or financial institution such as the sum, the number, the due dates of the installments, the Tan, expenses, insurance, charges.

What if you don’t pay an installment?

If you don’t pay an installment, or stop, nobody will shoot you. However, a report is sent to the risk and credit protection centers. Blackberries or additional interest rates may apply. The problem is if then you do not settle what is due and if the situations of non-payment or late payment are repeated.

Loan recession.

When you make a loan it doesn’t mean that you are tied to life. You can always withdraw from the contract without giving any justification. It’s free when you withdraw within two weeks of the contract, with all the modalities written in the contract.

Prepayment of the loan.

If you have a certain amount of money, and you want to pay off your loan first, you can do it easily, in fact, better for the bank and for you. A delay is applied, which however must not exceed 1% by law.

Loan protection.

Loans can be dangerous when dramatic family situations occur. But the CPI formula can be a useful lifesaver. The CPI means credit protection insurance. It is an insurance, therefore, on your personal loan, valid for all adults over.

How to evaluate the applicant.

Banks always know who is ahead. There is a tool, credit scoring, that is, statistical data on the basis of which banks know whether a citizen is insolvent or not, whether he/she is reliable or not. So if a citizen is not very reliable, the range of possibilities of taking out a loan is lowered.

How easy are you to get online payment loans?

You are surprised at how easy the process is to get an easy payday loans from a slick cash loan, if you ever applied for a bank loan. It takes just three pages and generally less than fifteen minutes to complete the online application. It’s not your past or your firstborn name that we need. Your basic personal information, current job data and banking information are all needed. It is not possible to pass background check or to run credit history.

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