Prevent the spread of Covid-19 naturally

Prevent the spread of Covid-19 naturally

We are currently going through difficult times, the spread of the COVID-19 virus is
something that we are all afraid of. But what can we do to avoid being infected by this
epidemic or to prevent the spread of the coronavirus? There are many precautionary
measures and some natural options that will help with the prevention of this virus that is
causing so much fear in society. Let’s not worry and learn a little about how this virus is
transmitted and what to do during this quarantine to avoid being infected and not suffer
from stress due to confinement.

How is the Covid-19 virus transmitted?

This virus is transmitted mainly by the respiratory route and by physical contact.
Transmission by the respiratory route takes place in the saliva droplets expelled by the
patient, for example when coughing, sneezing, or in the postillions. Scientists estimate
that this requires a close contact distance (about one meter).
According to the state of current scientific knowledge, the incubation period, which
separates infection and the appearance of symptoms, is estimated “between one and
fourteen days”, reports the World Health Organization (WHO), according to which most
frequent case it’s “about five days”. This led to the 14-day quarantine period for the
repair of suspected cases.

Wash your hands and eliminate viruses and bacteria!

To protect against contamination and the viruses and bacteria that surround us, the
health authorities insist on the importance of precautionary measures, including
handwashing with soap and water, this is always recommended when you suffer from
the flu, cough or allergies. Our hands are the part of our body that has the most contact
with the physical world. With the emergence of this new pandemic, it is recommended
to take this precautionary measure more seriously. Use antibacterial soaps made
naturally or based on essential oils, these soaps have properties and benefits for our

Washing your hands well is not complex, you only need soap and water, we will wash
our hands for around 20 seconds, making sure to rub every part of our hands. The
frequency of washing our hands should be after doing any activity that exposes us with
germs or bacteria, such as sneezing, after going to the bathroom or before eating.
Hydrate and be physically active

According to doctors, being hydrated and exercising constantly helps our body
increase our defenses and thus protect us against diseases.
A good option is to do aerobics, cardio, or yoga, they are easy exercises to do where
the whole body works and even our breathing. Yoga practitioners when performing
their exercises use aroma diffusers and essential oils that help increase defenses and
the immune system such as Palo Santo, lemon, or mint essential oil.
Hydrating not only refers to drinking a lot of water during the day, but we can also
hydrate ourselves with fruits rich in vitamins such as orange, lemon, and other fruits
that help to counteract flu-like symptoms.

Clean the air in your home

There are many natural and alternative techniques, among them is to smoke your
house with Palo Santo incenses to eliminate bad vibes, germs, and bacteria that can
be found in the air. You just need to light a little bit of this sacred wood and place it in a
heat resistant container, leave it in the room with no one inside, and the smoke spreads
throughout the area. You can also put scent diffusers in each room and let the magic of
essential oils do their work.

Do activities that help you distract yourself and de-stress you
Many doctors have recommended that during quarantine and confinement the best
thing that we can do is to calm ourselves, distract ourselves and spend our time on
productive things that help us de-stress and calm our anxiety. It is believed that one of
the biggest factors that people can lower their defenses is the worry and anxiety about
the situation that is being lived today.

There are even cases of people who have tested positive for the covid-19 virus but
have continued to exercise, and keep busy so as not to be overcome by the disease. In
this way there are also people who do not have the virus but their mental health is so
weak that they think they are getting sick and can develop symptoms without being
sick. Mental health is very important nowadays, drink relaxing tea, play with your pet,
read a book, paint mandalas, distract your mind and enjoy family time.

How to relax our body if we suffer from stress?

If we are suffering from stress and anxiety and do not know how to alleviate these
symptoms, pay attention to the following tips.
Take a relaxing bath based on essential oils, because going to your bathtub and taking
a scent diffuser with you, place in it a few drops of lavender or palo santo essential oil,
these oils have relaxing properties, their rich aroma will make your body relax
immediately, I recommend you do these relaxing baths before going to sleep.
If you do not have a scent diffuser you can use scented candles or natural soaps made
from essential oils.

Another option is to use some hydrolat, that is, water distilled from some essential oil.
What you will do is put a little hydrolat in an atomizer and spray the areas where
frequent, or you can spray your bed before going to sleep, hydrolat has the same
properties and benefits as essential oils.

Get a massage with essential oils, massage the stress areas such as the nape, the
area of the shoulder blades, back, temples and feet, use an anti-inflammatory and
relaxing essential oil such as
Palo Santo essential oil of 33% Pure, It will help relax
your body quickly.

Do not let quarantine consume your life, take advantage of the time you have and do
the things you always wanted, enjoy family time and learn new things, remember to
wash your hands constantly and keep a minimum of 2 meters away when you go out
from your home, use masks, gloves and antibacterial gel, we are responsible for our
health and our care against contagion.

Published by
Barry Lachey

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