Residential Energy Credit for 2020

In addition to your 2020 tax credits, also take advantage of the 2020 Energy Premium to finance your work (yes, you can combine the 2020 state renovation premium as well as the energy premiums (CEE: Energy Savings Certificate (funded by “polluters”) , use this link to find out and request the amount of your energy premium that you will receive by a check in euros (note: premiums to be requested before any work signatures because the objective of these premiums is encourage you to carry out energy saving work).

Energy voucher: 5.6 million households (compared to 3.6 in 2018) benefited in 2019 from the energy voucher, which is financial aid dedicated to paying energy bills for housing, this aid in fact replaces the social tariffs of the energy, the beneficiaries will receive this aid by mail directly to their home. The allocation of the energy voucher depends on the income and the composition of the household. Its calculation is based on the previous year’s tax declaration. The lower the income, the higher the amount of the check, in 2020, it varies from 48 to 277 euros per year.

The energy voucher allows you to pay an invoice (it cannot therefore be paid into a bank account) with suppliers of electricity, gas, heat, heating oil or other heating fuels such as wood for example. It can also make it possible to pay certain expenses for energy renovation in a dwelling (example insulation). People staying in APL-approved accommodation can use it for the heating costs included in the fee (click here to find out more about its use).

If you want to check your eligibility, go to this dedicated site. And take your tax number and your tax reference income. The simulator will calculate your rights on this basis. Please note: still in force for 2020, only craftsmen holding the professional recognition (RGE) “Recognized Guarantor of the Environment” will be able to carry out energy saving work which will allow individuals to benefit from the Eco-ready for zero rate ,energy tax credit

, MaPrimeRénov ‘ and the energy premium.

Energy efficient renovations: love still exists

It is for this reason that when the new budget was announced in March 2019, the Écohabitation team was all the more disappointed with the non-renewal of the popular RénoVert tax credit (we told you about it in this brief). This has of course also been the case for many residential owners, who will not be able to access this substantial financial boost.

But let it be said, the government continues to invest in the energy transition! Other public programs offer advantages that make all the difference in financing renovation work. The 2020 coronavirus episode prompted the government to further support the residential sector by improving flagship energy efficiency programs, including Rénoclimat and Chauffez Vert. All the information below.

Dean of programs, Rénoclimat is successful! As evidenced by its longevity: it has been effective since May 13, 2006. From 2007 to mid-2018, no less than $ 141.4 million was paid in financial assistance to participants. This smart grant program combines advice and financial assistance for energy retrofits. Rénoclimat is a bit the brain of the operation combined with the portfolio.

Before even starting the work, the owner receives practical advice online. Then the service begins with the home visit of a Rénoclimat advisor, at a lower cost. As a gateway to the program, this visit is justified by the fact that the houses have specific construction characteristics and their condition can greatly vary its energy performance. It is therefore crucial that a professional indicates the works with the best efficiency / price ratio. In addition, TEQ reimburses $ 100 on the evaluation fees if there is an improvement in energy efficiency.

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