Six Advantages of Temporary Employment

If they are sometimes considered as “jigsaw”, temporary employment still has several advantages. Here are six.

1. Gain Experience

If you have just left school, changed fields or are looking in which branch you want to work, a temporary staffing is ideal, as it is often easier to obtain and gives you the opportunity to have a first experience or yet to test your new career choice. Since this is a fixed-term contract, it will both give you experience for your next job and free you up if you realize you don’t like your new field.

2. Have a flexible schedule

Temporary work often allows you not to completely occupy your time. If you are a parent or a student, this type of work allows you to accommodate your schedule to meet all your obligations. You also have the leisure, if you are under contract, to accept these or not, allowing you to take advantage of them during the quieter periods to go on vacation outside the busy periods or to carry out personal projects.

3. Develop your skills

In addition to enhancing your resume with additional work experience, a fixed-term or contract job allows you to develop new skills, to be trained by different professionals and to learn new working methods. According to an article on the Randstad website, “the current job m arket values ​​candidates with a variety of skills that they continuously renew and improve. Another reason to look for various experiences, then.

4. Manage expectations

On the one hand, as you are only there temporarily, the expectations towards you, in terms of involvement within the company, pressure, level of responsibility or your availability at atypical hours or for working overtime are less. This helps balance your work. On the other hand, if you do not know much about the field in which you are getting started, a temporary job allows you to better understand the demands of the market and will help you in the search for your next job.

5. Aim for full-time employment

Human Resources assistant says in an article that “40% of temporary mandates lead to permanent positions”, if that’s what you want. Some companies offer temporary contracts first in order to explore the different talents available before making a decision on a full-time hiring. So you might ultimately be the successful candidate for a full-time job.

6. Increase your income

As a temporary job often does not offer stability or benefits, employers compensate by increasing the hourly wages of temporary or contract employees, sometimes dramatically to attract temporary workers. “The discomfort that once characterized temporary work is fading. If you have the right skills, a contract job could be rewarding and lucrative.

Barry Lachey

Barry Lachey is a Professional Editor at Zobuz. Previously He has also worked for Moxly Sports and Network Resources "Joe Joe." he is a graduate of the Kings College at the University of Thames Valley London. You can reach Barry via email or by phone.

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