Slots Cheats that you Could Only Use in the Past

Slots Cheats That You Could Only Use In The Past

Gone are the days where you could use a special trick to make sure that your slot machine will always payout or will at least give you back the cash that you just lost. Some slot machine cheats may still work to this very day, but the digitalization of most casino games means that they now have a security system that is unbeatable to casual casino punters like yourself – try Lucky Wizard.

Nevertheless, it is still nice to reminisce about the times in which you were down at your local pub or casino and tried that slot machine cheat that would have worked only then, in the past, and unjustifiably take the jackpot!

We are here to take you on a trip down memory lane about the cheats that you could have once used in slot machines that now may be redundant forever.

Famous Cheat for Slot Machines that were used in the Past

These days you have tried everything from click the lever at exactly the right time, trying withdrawal tactics, and even trying to cheat the welcome package deals, but none of them will quite cut the classic slot machine cheats.

Most of these were only ever applicable to real slot machines, so if you are an online casino gamer then these will certainly not work for you… and they tend to have sorted them out by now!

. The Old Coin on a String Trick – This is a classic cheat that is not only inevitable in slot machines, but too in vending machines and candy machines. By attaching a string to the coin you are playing with, players used to be able to cheat the machine by putting the coin in, taking their turn, and then pulling the coin out if the wins are not wealthy enough. It is cheeky, and it is not possible in most machines these days.

. Fake Coins – For this, you will need something that matches the weight and size of a regular coin yet is cheaper. This means that you can play the slot machines for a fraction of the price that you would have paid whilst still not losing out on the opportunity to win the jackpot. There is one caveat, however, if loads of players are trying to cheat the system then any wins that are made could be composed of fake coins!

Can you Cheat at Modern Slot Games?

The question you all want to be answered is if you can try your hand at cheating at modern online slot games. There are a few ways in which you can try it but is definitely not as easy as trying to cheat the real slot machines.

Here is why it is harder to cheat at online slot than it is to cheat on the real machines:

1. Online games simply have better security because it is easier to do so.

2. One key aspect the internet tries to uphold is its money protection qualities.

3. All of the online slots that you can cheat on have probably been closed down!

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