Sports Betting: Which Events Do Bettors Most Like to Wager On?

The increased use of technology has aided the success of many different industries – one of which is sports betting, which has been taken to the next level with the online wagering opportunities that are now available.

Betting sites attract thousands of users every day, and with the many football games, tennis matches, horse races, and other events taking place all of the time, punters are never short of things to bet on.

But there are certain occasions that capture the imagination of the entire sporting world and become the focal point of every betting site around that period.

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event on the American calendar, and while the NFL is constantly growing overseas and has many loyal fans worldwide, even casual viewers without a great understanding of the game like to get involved with Super Bowl betting.

Through online betting sites, you can bet on typical NFL props such as the point spread, totals, and player stats, it’s the novelty markets that get everybody involved.

You can wager on the first song of the half-time show, the coin toss, and even the length of the national anthem!

FIFA World Cup

Soccer is the biggest sport in the world and the World Cup, which takes place just once every four years, is its pinnacle.

During the group phase of the tournament, there are multiple games back-to-back every day, and betting sites often run promotions such as enhanced odds and free bets around these fixtures.

With every continent represented in the competition, there is genuine global interest. FIFA has revealed

that there was €136 billion in betting turnover throughout the 2018 World Cup.

Grand National

There are numerous landmark events throughout the year in horse racing, but the Grand National is particularly special due to its long distance and the fact that it’s so wide open more often than not.

The Grand National is a staple of British culture, and for many people in the country, it is the only time they place a bet all year.

It is estimated that 500-600 million people watch the race each year worldwide.

NCAA Basketball Tournament

March Madness is something that Americans look forward to all year. It’s non-stop basketball for multiple weeks, and every game has huge implications.

The knockout tournament is perfect for betting, as people fill out their brackets and make picks against the spread every day.

Betting sites have a bigger handle throughout March Madness than they do the Super Bowl, as billions of dollars are wagered on the tournament.

Cricket World Cup

It may not be top of Americans’ lists, but cricket is second only to soccer in terms of global popularity and like soccer, the World Cup is a massive deal and it attracts a huge number of bets.

In India, cricket is the clear number one sport, and there is also a big following in England, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, and several more countries, with high betting volume in many of them.

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