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For many job seekers, hunting for a job can be daunting and frustrating task. You find yourself regularly reading placement ads, writing and submitting resumes, and also networking. It might appear like you have so much to achieve with limited time to get it done. One great way to take your job search to another level is to make use of the service of job placement companies. It will help you save precious time, concentrate on other suitable jobs opportunities, and enhance results.  

An ideal placement company will have significant knowledge of both the sector and the employers in which you desire to work. They most times have company contacts and know about every job opportunity that may not be published publicly. Submitting your resume to a recruiter is an excellent step to securing a job

What does a Job Placement company do?

London recruitment agency – CandCsearch told us that recruiters work for companies or HR sections within a company or corporation. Employers pay job placement companies a fee to find the right candidate to fill vacant positions in their company. Recruiters don’t work for applicants; all they do is to match applicant’s qualification with the type of employee an employer is seeking.

Types of recruitment Agents

Specialty Recruitment Agencies

Most recruiters focus on a certain career field. It is advisable to seek advice from a recruiter about their area of expertise before submitting your job application.

Contingency Recruiter

This type of recruiter will only get paid once they render employment placement. The recruiter does not have close connection with the employer. There may be many contingency Recruiters competing to fill just one position.

Contingency agencies mostly work with mid-level administrative and professional placements.

Retained Recruiters

This placement company has an agreement with an organization to fill a specific job vacancy. They are generally known as Retained recruiters simply because they often work with high-level placements. They advertise the vacant position and find the most eligible candidate for the job. Their job ads will carry all the vital information and specifications for the position. The recruiter receives a retainer inform of a fee for the service rendered.

Benefits of using a Job placement company

No Cost

Most organizations pay recruiter the moment the employee completes a probation period set by the employer. In this case the job seeker will not pay the job placement company.

Company Contacts

A sound recruiter should have close connections with many organizations. Recruiters have exclusive understanding of what employers appreciate in their employees. Job Placement companies have working relationship with positioned job candidates to ensure that they learn what is like being employed by a particular company.

Jobs Not Advertised

Because many resumes are received once a job is published openly, loads of companies will go to a recruiter to publish job openings instead of posting it publicly.

Regardless of whether the economy is good or unfavorable, securing a job can be challenging. Contest for jobs is increasingly becoming worrisome both in the developing Nations and developing Nations. Taking your job search to another level with a placement company will improve your chances of securing your desired job.

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