Technology That Simplifies Life And Makes You Better: Audible, Google, Disney

Technology That Simplifies Life And Makes You Better: Audible, Google, Disney

Between pros and cons, technology simplifies our life. Also providing us with new ideas to surprise those we love. Let’s imagine going back a few years, when Social Networks didn’t exist yet and we weren’t constantly accompanied by our smartphones. Were we freer? In a sense, yes, but it must be recognized that technology has had and still has a decisive role in greatly simplifying our life.

With a rise of technology and social media people often spend too much time browsing without any benefits. On other hand, there are good services like audiobook platforms that allow people to listen to almost any title on the go. Instead of playing games for hours one can sharpen their skills or go through an unforgettable journey and all that while stuck in traffic. One of the most popular audiobook services is Audible. IMHO reviews listed all the benefits of listening to audiobooks along with detailed review of the service.

Let’s think for a moment about all those activities that today we can perform with a simple click, for example we can pay bills using home banking, credit cards and our online accounts. We can shop online safely, both for services and objects of all sizes and from all over the globe, thanks to sites like eBay. We also have access, thanks to the Internet, to an almost inexhaustible source of information and we can create social networks and friendships with people we have never even seen. In recent weeks, Google has launched a new project that will allow American users to order lunch directly from the search engine without even leaving their home. The detractors of the technology claim that this has led the subject to social isolation. Still others think that social networks have made the romantic spirit dormant.

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But a wise use of technology can also be useful to a 2015 lover. If he decides to have his beauty delivered flowers to his home in Rome he could do it very simply and directly online by choosing from one of the many services available, being able to decide the date for delivery and the preferred type of payment. The idea of ​​online gift, from flowers to chocolates, without forgetting perfumes and jewels, seems to please Italians very much, a trend evident from the success of one of the most prestigious sites offering this type of service, Flora Queen. So instead of limiting the fantasies of the lover, technology can offer new ways to be romantic, as long as the spirit of initiative is not lacking.

There is no doubt; the benefits of using technology appropriately are manifold. Tablet sales down globally, but the 10-inch or more models are driving the market. The tablet market is in strong contraction. The negative trend has been confirmed and constant for some years now. What are the reasons behind this contraction? A first determining factor is market saturation. A second factor depends on the lack of innovations in the tablet field. Mainly for these two reasons, tablet sales are falling.

The confirmation with lots of updated numbers at the beginning of 2020 comes. Disney +, the new streaming platform created by Disney are ready for its debut in Italy. Competition with rival Netflix will be fierce. Disney will launch its service in Italy earlier than expected. The date chosen is March 24th and was confirmed by Disney Italy itself through a Tweet. Italy will not be the only country to have activated the service in March. On the same date Disney + will be on.

Google is changing its policy on violent content, especially with regards to the complex world of video games. The idea is to make the platform more hospitable for gamers, specifically for those who do live streaming. YouTube would like to bring its policies closer to Twitch’s, and to do this it has had to put its rules on monetizing violent content.

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