The 5 Best Netflix Movies to Watch With Friends and Family

The weekend is just around the corner, and we all are planning to have some quality time with our friends and family. What is the best option, then watching your favorite series on Netflix, and enjoy a peaceful time with your friends, with some popcorn and drinks?

Netflix, and Chill, this phrase is usually seen written in almost every Netflix social media post, and people who are fond of using it post it according to their upcoming series and movies. Collectively Netflix is a world-wide famous entertainment website, and the most updated and enriched library is in America, but sadly, it’s inaccessible outside the US region. If you wish to access US Netflix in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, or any other country, then the best alternative is to get yourself connected with a VPN connection.

So sit back, and relax, because now you’re going to read about the best Netflix Movies Recommendations to make your leisure time peaceful and cherish with friends and family.

The Best 5 Netflix Movies Recommendation

This section will read about the best Netflix Movies and Series based on customer’s reviews and feedback, making your time enjoyable.

1.    The Body

The first one on the list is a thriller, mystery movie, The Body, which is a remake of an English film. Amazingly, this movie follows up a similar storyline with a different cast and crew. The story starts with a police officer inspecting for a murder case of a well-known businesswoman in the city, and can you imagine who is under investigation for this entire crime series? Her husband is having an affair with his student.

With the investigation and how the husband tries to keep himself away from the crime scene, the story continues, still, in the end, a lot of mystery unfolds, leaving the audience in the thrill and guessing what’s going to happen next!

2.     The Girl on the Train

Netflix is known for making remakes of already made movies, and again the second one is a remake of an English Movie with a similar name but, of course, a different cast and crew. The movie genre says it is a drama and thrill, with Parineeti Chopra in the lead role. The movie trailer shows another story snippet, although, in actuality, the story is entirely different. The movie is shot in New York, although the train she travels in the entire film plays a very active and vital role in solving the mystery.

The story starts with a well-known Lawyer who is divorced and fantasizing about being a perfect couple in the past, whenever she sees someone on the same balcony where she used to live previously with her husband, expecting their firstborn. The story unfolds, creating a lot of mystery. Viewers were astonished to see the mystery and thrill being added to the series, making the people amazed and jaw dropped, responsible for the entire mess.

3.     Ava

Ava is an ultimate action pack, with drama, and thrill where a lady is playing the lead role in the entire movie, who is an Assassin, being marked for the death by her people, the black ops organization, after being questioned multiple times, for breaking the protocols, and policies.

The movie goes long, with her struggling to prove herself innocent and not guilty for the crime that she never committed, or maybe she does? I won’t write the actual mystery and story behind the series, although you still wish to see what will happen next? Do stream into Netflix, and watch Ava find the actual story.

4.     Alive

Korean Movies never make our expectations go down, and this movie is an ultimate explanation of this phrase! Suppose one day, you woke up from sleep, with a call from your parents that they’re out shopping because the people around are being infected from a virus that is somehow making you a Zombie, then what are you going to do next?

If we talk about food, then there is no food in the house and no other option for you to survive, except for eating the food left in the kitchen and some minor water to drink in the entire day. Alive is a Korean Masterpiece, released in 2020 by Cho II-Hyung starring Yoo Ah-in and Park Shin-Hye, based on 2019 Script, where two young people’s survival was consumed keeping mystery and thrill alive in the movie!

5.     Mrs. Serial Killer

And lastly, we have Jacqueline Fernandez starring in the movie Mrs. Serial Killer, where an innocent doctor is framed to jail for murdering all the pregnant ladies in the city. However, his loyal wife tries hard to get the case, and the mystery is solved to prove her husband innocent.

But this is the story we all know from the trailer. Do you want to know what happens and who the real victim is? Tune in to Netflix, and enjoy watching the movie with lots of thrill and action.

Wrapping Up

I hope you enjoyed reading this fantastic article, with all the best Netflix movies, topping the list with the quality story and cast acting. We always try to maintain originality in our posted content, and this time again, we’re here to make you feel cherished with quality shows and movies! Although if you still have some questions in your mind, please post them in the feedback sections.

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