The melody of music in the voice of UK based singer: Jeffrey obasuyi

The Melody Of Music In The Voice Of Uk Based Singer: Jeffrey Obasuyi 1

The melody of music in the voice of UK based singer: Jeffrey obasuyi

Everyone likes to be lost in the strings of music when the soul of people desperately get saddened. There are a myriad of singers all across the globe. They sing classical music, jazz music, folk music, pop music soul music, Rock music, etc. Jeffery Obasuyi is one of the most melodist singer from all the alluring musicians and singers. He perceived his passion in the shape of music from his birth. He is known as Jclaxic in the music industry. He belongs to Edo state Nigeria. He is now based in the United Kingdom, London. As a great musician, his passion for music started at his an early age when he was only 15 years old. He loves music as much as he can because his food of life and soul is the only music. Jeffery was nurtured with the musical tools.

What does Jclaxic like in music?

Profession makes people’s life easy and free of any chaos. Leaving all the other professions aside, the music is the best profession if the architect of music finds his eternal soul in it. One can find the real beauty of the creator in music by investing his whole energy. In this respect, Jeffery Obasuyi has also found the absolute rhythm of music by finding spirituality in music. His sole power in the singing is the spirituality of music, where you can merge the dispersed thoughts of love and affection.

Achievements of Jclaxic

He has performed in so many eventful shows, where his followers have enjoyed with cheerfulness. His accomplishments can be seen in his stage performance in music in Nigeria and in many other cities. Furthermore, the overload is his favorite, and his imagination becomes a reality in it. He has also performed with many other singers, like his work with a singer called as Kofo.

Jclaxic does not make all the singers as his role models except few singers, like Runtown, Joeboy and Wizkid. These three singers have made his roots strong in this industry.

Does Jclaxic interact with his followers?

Being a real identity in the musical stage, he always welcomes his followers with good-will gestures. He directly interacts with his followers through social media networks and one window screen. He considers his followers as a real wealth of his identity. As he is known because of his voice and his followers. He keeps loving and humanely nature. He does not find mischiefs in his loving ones.

Prospects of Jclaxic in the music industry 

Music is his profession, along with a hobby. Therefore, he would love to make the edifice of the music industry at the peak of development. He wants to remove all the dire and grave challenges the music industry is now facing with the emergence of unskilled singers. He is working to find remedies for all the challenges. His professional music will create a new history in the musical arenas.


To conclude, it is rudimentary for all of us to present his efforts in front of all the channels. His voice must be listened to in each and every angle of the world. His soulful beauty can be found in his voice.

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