The Time For Boring Invitations Is Over. So Learn To Create Your Own!

There is a big day coming up for your brand, and the responsibility of inviting people to the event is on you. You brainstorm and arrive at the perfect design for yourself, but for some reason, the person you hired just does not seem to get it. It’s a lot of hassle and makes you feel like you are not getting paid enough for this.  

There can be many reasons why getting an invitation made by a their-party person is not the best idea. It could be a hassle, the budget, or something else altogether.  

Whatever may be the reason, nothing can beat the comfort of having complete control while creating something. The feeling when your imagination comes to life is inexplicable. For these reasons, making an invitation using tools available to you is often the best way to go.  
Why you need to create your own invitations

Here are 6 reasons why it is time to break free from the clutches of boring invitations and go create your own awesome designs! 

1. Satisfaction

Nothing beats the satisfaction you get when your invitation comes out just like you envisioned it to be.  

If you are trying to get your invitation made by somebody else, it can be monumentally difficult to explain to them the exact idea you have on your mind. But if you were presented the tools that are easy to learn and use to do so, then you will churn out the best invitation you possibly can.  

You are neither limited by time nor money. You could be at it all day and all night until you get that perfect design for your taste. Nobody is going to complain! 

2. Customization Options Like Never Before

When you choose to use an online invitation maker using your own design, you will have a pyramid of options right at your fingertips starting from templates, and music to choose from to customize your invitation as you please.  

You can customize the invitation to adhere to your brand or logo colors. You can add or remove elements as you please to make it look very whacky or very minimal. You will also have access to numerous fonts to choose from that go well with the look and feel of your event theme.  

Additionally, you can even customize the size of your invitation. The aspect ratio, orientation, and all the other things are completely under your control.

3. Personalization Touches the Hearts of Your Invitees

Personalization is so important that it surely deserves a separate mention.  

With the myriad customization options, you also get the flexibility to personalize your invites for your invitees.  

When you personalize your invitation to somebody, it shows that you deeply care about their presence and that they hold value in your life. It develops quality relationships and also increases the chances of them accepting your invite and showing up on your big day.  

Personalization makes the invitee feel like they matter.  

You can personalize your invitations by adding phrases that only you and that person or only a particular group of people can relate to (an inside joke) or by adding photos that are dear to both of you. When you are inviting people very close, you can add references to movies and shows that all of you like. 

4. Shareability Is Important

If you will be benefitted when a greater number of people show up to attend your event or program, then it is imperative that you make the invitation easily shareable.  

Usually, keeping the invite minimalistic and using captivating phrases followed by a subtle prompt to share is the right way to go under normal circumstances if the event is formal. But that is not always the case.  

Shareable invitations are made online. You need to make sure that whoever gets the invite link or post can view it without much hassle.  

A good shareable invite is usually a well-designed static image or a short and captivating video clip. You can make these using online tools. There are many video editors for PC that you can use to create great invites. 

5. Timeless Content and Designs

When you are not constrained by options and styles, you are also not limited by the conventions of time and age. You can break free from the bounds of standard or cliché content to create timeless designs that will look just as good in the foreseeable future as they look now.  

Making such content has another added benefit. If you had to design another invitation in the future, then you would not have to start from scratch. Just edit the timeless design template you have already created for yourself to fit the needs of the upcoming program.  

Understanding color and visual style are vital to creating invitations that do not grow old. Normally, minimalistic designs with contrasting light and dark colors are used for such purposes.  

If you choose to be a little whacky, then you can play around with serifs. But be sure not to overdo it because a lot of serifs generally gives a vintage feel to the design. 

6. Get Inventive

With complete control over layout, colors, fonts, and size, you can start getting inventive. Break free from the standard rules of design and layout. Get inventive and zany.  

People love to share things that amuse them. So, give them that! By doing so might even spark a social media trend or at least a trend in your workspace.  

What is the worst that could happen? You will be mocked a little by your close friends or receive some criticism. But sometimes it is worth the shot for the sake of our joy and experience.  

If the invitation is for your brand or for somebody you work for, then it is better not to make them your lab rats. 


These six reasons should be enough to lift up your spirits and get that creative mind working. Now get up and get started. Work those hands and churn out amazing stuff! 

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