The Top Reasons to Choose ABA Therapy

As you may already be aware, applied behavior analysis or ABA therapy in Miami is the only therapy proven to work in scientific research when it comes to children with an autism spectrum disorder. Both the American Psychiatric Associate and the U.S. Surgeon General recommend it over any other treatment method for children with autism. It often includes several interactions and therapies to help a child prepare to overcome learning difficulties and for all sorts of situations out in the world.

If ABA therapy is new to you, you might have questions and wonder what you can expect. This article will look at precisely what this kind of therapy is all about so you can prepare yourself and your child for it. However, keep in mind that this is individualized treatment, as every child is different. Therapists will create a treatment plan based on your specific child and what they need help with.

Typical Training Offers in ABA Therapy in Miami

In most cases, there will be two kinds of training included during therapy. Both of them work together to help your child learn new skills and apply them in situations in real life.

The first is called discrete trial training (DTT) and involves a therapist and child working together at a table. This is a formal type of interaction that has a definite end and beginning associated with it. An example might be practicing a particular vocal skill several times. After the therapy is complete, feedback or a reward will be provided to the child.

The second is known as natural environment training (NET). This builds off of DTT training in that a child takes a skill they learned during the first kind of training and applies to real situations. For instance, the child might take the new vocal understanding and use it with friends, family, or others around them.

DTT is used to help children learn things more quickly since they are given reinforcement after every attempt. NET training lets the child use the skills in situations outside of therapy. Both of these pieces of training are important since they offer the chance to learn skills and then better understand how to apply them through ABA therapy in Miami.

How ABA Helps Problem Behaviors

In some cases, a child with autism may have behavioral issues that make it more challenging for them to learn. Other times, a child might act out when they do not have the needed communication skills to express their wants and needs. When communication proves difficult, kids might pick up bad behaviors to get what they desire.

Through ABA therapy in Miami, we can explain to parents why the child is exhibiting the behaviors. Also, the family can work together to create a better response to get the child what they are searching for.

If you’re looking for a top of the line ABA therapy in Miami, PBS Therapy is here to help you. We offer treatment however, whenever, and wherever it works best for your family to make things efficient and straightforward. You can learn more or get in contact with us by visiting our website.

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