Things to Know Before Hiring an Architect

Whether your construction or design aspirations are small or large, finding yourself in the middle of a project and realizing that you are lost or strapped for resources can be an overwhelming feeling. Many people choose to hire an architect when they know there are limits to what they can personally deliver, or they just want to know that the project is in the hands of an expert.

Understand the Experts

Hiring a professional requires a certain openness. Things to remember when hiring an architect, it is imperative that you understand the flexibility required in projects. Architects are trained professionals who have spent years studying building codes, interior and exterior design, structural integrity, etc. Architects are hired with a wealth of knowledge to provide input, so be prepared to listen and follow their expert advice. Having a clear understanding of what you want for the results will only help, but being open to professional suggestions will create a smooth path to project success.

Take the Timeline into Account

Architects need to have the pieces in place before they begin, which means work will not start immediately. You will need to establish a timeline first, and you may not like how long that is.

Additionally, issues such as building rights need to be determined before your project can really take off. Expect the variations on this timeline to fit in with a great job in the end, but it is a long process with lots of leaps and bounds to jump through. Renovating or building a house requires many well-planned time constraints.

Balance the Budget Beforehand

Hiring a professional is expensive, and hiring an architect is no exception.

To avoid any delays or confusion along the way, make sure you have established your budget requirements up front. Discuss this with the architect and ask if he can work within these constraints.

It is also important to be very clear about where you set the limits and how the project will be paid for. Remember to keep realistic expectations about how long the project will take, as this can influence the budget.

Learn from the Long Term

No matter how impatient you are to complete a project, a good professional architect will take the long term into consideration. You want the project to last, without having to invest more money in it; you want a classic home that is not filled with trendy ideas that will be missed in the future. Expect suggestions that might help your project today, but which could also increase the building’s value and flexibility in the future.

Ask a Great Architect

If an architect is really invested in your project, chances are you will be working closely with that person for a long time. This means that it is important that you feel comfortable around him and are sure that your needs / wants will be safe in their hands.

Sometimes it Takes a Team

Depending on how involved your mission is, the architect you hire may need more wits and hands to help you achieve the end goal. This means you have to hire more than one person or maybe an entire architectural firm, which will cost you more. But, it can be beneficial for the completion of your work.

Renovation Issues

Architects are in the construction business; however, demolition inevitably precedes creation. This means that things can get messy if you are in a project to remodel your current home. Be sure to discuss the demolition process and how your home will be affected and protected before the project begins. Will you have to move for a while (which will blow your budget)? Will there be noises early in the morning? When do they end their working day? All of these things should be taken into consideration.

Anticipate Changes

While the first conversations with an engaged architect may seem immutable, professionals understand that a lot can change along the way. Discuss how you will deal with contract changes before work begins. Will the architect always make sure to discuss new plans immediately before committing them? Architects are generally creative minds, but they are also business oriented; therefore, contracts are expected to be full of detail as well as documentation.

It is important to be aware of contractual formalities to protect yourself and your architect before deciding to hire. Once everything is in writing, both parties are more secure and feel ready to move forward with their plans. Depending on the job at hand, there can be a lot of details to work out before a project begins, so be patient and don’t rush. A rushed job is never a successful job. Once you’ve taken the time to review all the facts, hiring an architect should go smoothly. If you’ve found someone who you’re comfortable with, who creates clear lines of communication, and who wants the best for you and your project, there’s no reason not to expect a good looking person.

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