This Start-Up Redefining Business Data Analysis

Business Data Analysis

Data analysis and visualization remain a critical component for businesses. The key to success is determined by a company’s ability to analyze and visualize the data it generates. A host of solutions exist that help businesses analyze and visualize their data but each solution functions differently and uses a set of different tools to drive business growth and facilitate efficiency.

The Story of Aspectum

The year 2017 witnessed a host of newcomers into the geospatial analysis arena. Still, the most notable one was Aspectum, as a part of EOS Data Analytics, Inc., Aspectum entered the field following some significant challenges in data analysis and visualization. At the time, there was an outdated limited approach on the market and this, according to Aspectum, was the primary driving force behind the company. “Making a decision required a dedicated team and months of preparation,” remarked the company’s spokesperson. “Such an approach was not accessible to everyone, and data was processed by complex products that lacked both speed and flexibility,” he added.

Reportedly, sharing online maps was quite a challenge at the time, and was the first issue Aspectum sought to address. “We connected chains of analysis and offered clients the ability to present their findings to their stakeholders in two clicks,” remarked the company representative. “Since day one, our product has always been centered on expertise in the field of GIS mapping,” he added. He went on to praise the team at Aspectum and affirmed that it consists of a mix of talents that are united by a constant passion for quality.

Cloud Service

Aspectum provides a cloud service platform with no-code mapping. Using it, companies can analyse and visualise their data to find the best sites, watch competitors, get insights about consumers, and monitor their assets. Their strategy, they say, is to provide solutions to complex problems in the field of spatial analytics.

“The good work lies in our complex approach from processing satellite images to training users to constantly monitoring client markets. This is at the heart of our relationship with EOS Data Analytics, a company offering the broadest range of spatial solutions,” remarked the company representative.

Significant Achievements

With synchronized efforts, the company representatives say they can offer high-quality products. The exchange of expertise and focus on the all-in-one approach improves the demanded characteristics. In addition, the company’s partnership with Planet Labs for satellite data access is reportedly one that has enabled them to offer data packages for more than 100 countries and provide expert support for building smart maps.

The numbers

Data from Aspectum’s official site reveals that the average volume of objects brought on the map by their customers in terms of the project is 1.1 million. Furthermore, the company announced that their team had cumulatively contributed in the writing and publishing of 21 academic papers.

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