Tips on Caring for Hair Extensions

Do you have hair extensions? Are you wondering what you need to do to take better care of them?

Hair extensions can be a great way to add volume and length to your hair. They also add fullness to your hair so you can experiment with new hairstyles. 

But as awesome as hair extensions are, taking care of them can sometimes be a pain. If you know the right maintenance tips, taking care of your hair extensions will be easy. 

Check out this guide to discover the top tips for caring for hair extensions. 

Brush Your Hair Extensions With Care

Just like you need to brush your normal hair to work out the tangles, so too do you need to brush your hair extensions to keep them in good shape. We recommend brushing your hair extensions when they’re dry, as this is when your hair is at its strongest. 

Pull your hair into a low side ponytail and secure it with a band. Then, use a hair extension-friendly brush to gently brush through your extensions. Start at the tip of your hair and work all the way down to your roots to prevent breakage. 

If you invest in quality hair extensions, you shouldn’t need to brush them more than once per day. If you’re looking to purchase quality hair extensions, check out Hair Creations Now

And if you’re an Aussie Babe and looking to invest in Good Quality Hair extensions you can also visit Eden’s ponytail hair extensions from Australia.

Wash Your Hair Extensions Carefully

You should wash your hair extensions 2 to 3 times per week. Wash them any more than this, and they’ll dry out. When washing your hair extensions, make sure to opt for sulfate-free products

Sulfate strips the hair of its natural oils and makes it brittle, dry, and prone to tangling. To maintain the luster and moisture of your hair extensions, use products without sulfate. To promote the health and hydration of your hair, apply other hair care products from the midshaft down. 

Don’t Sleep With Wet Extensions

If you have permanent hair extensions and you choose to shower at night, make sure to completely dry your extensions before you go to bed. 

Sleeping with wet hair extensions will cause weakening, tangling, and shedding. Not only that, but you’ll have serious bedhead when you wake up, and you’ll have to spend a lot of extra time styling your hair. 

Even if your hair is just a little damp, you should still dry it completely before hopping into bed to avoid messing up your extensions. 

Minimize Heat

Just as heat damages your regular hair, so too does heat damage your hair extensions. Before you use any heating tools on your hair extensions, apply a heat protectant. 

Also, turn down the temperature on your heating tools to the lowest setting possible. While you may need to spend more time styling your hair, it’s worth it for the longevity of your extensions. 

If you can, take regular breaks from your heating products. Allow your hair extensions to breathe a couple of days per week by not applying any product to them.

Hair Extensions Care: Now You Know

Now that you know how to care for your hair extensions, it’s time to make use of these tips. With these tips, your hair extensions will remain shiny and strong. 

Be sure to check back in with our blog for more hair care tips. 

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