Tips to Decrease Your Water Bill in Summer

Tips To Decrease Your Water Bill In Summer

Summer is the time for fun activities, doing household chores, and making time for kids at home. All these activities can add to high water usage. And increased water bills can put a little burden on your budget. Try these easy things to lower your water usage and bill this summer.

Conserve Your Water Use This Summer

We have gathered a list of ways to help you and your family save water in the coming summer season. By doing these simple tips, you can lower your water usage, reduce pollution, and stop drought in your neighborhood. With our leak detection services, we can help you save water in the summer.

Repair All Leaks

The perfect way you can lower your water bill and save water is by finding and fixing any household leaks. From a leaking faucet to a wrong hose connection, a few drops can increase your water usage when you leave it broken down. Leaks can also be unnoticeable but result in big damage to your home. Have an inspection done by expert plumbing companies; they will surely locate the leaks and stop them. Saving your money and lowering the water bill. Also, the inspection by experts will help on reducing water wastage at your home which has a direct impact on saving the environment and also saving money on your utility bills.

Upgrade Your Bathroom Fixtures

You can upgrade your showerhead and toilet to more efficient bathroom fixtures to reduce water usage and bills by 75%. Call Lex’s Plumbing, and we will assist you in repairing leaks and installing the best bathroom fixtures.

Let Your Garbage Disposal Rest

Many in-sink disposals suggest running the water for up to 30 seconds after the disposal is completed running to adequately empty the waste- often wasting a gallon of water or more. Instead, it is simpler than ever to waste at home, and many cities now offer pickup of kitchen compost as part of their recycling plan and program. When you scrape your food scraps down the drain, you use a rubber spatula instead of using water.

Limited Shower Time

A cold shower in summer is happiness. But long showers can cause a great increase in your water bill. If you want to lower your water usage and bill, limit your shower time by a couple of minutes. Listen to two songs totaling 5-6 minutes and finish your shower time after the second song stops. Besides, turn off the water while conditioning your hair. There, you will observe a huge difference in your water usage.

Wash Only Full Loads

When it comes to washing your clothes and dishes, it’s better to wait for a full load rather than a smell load if you want to save money. Summer means being sweaty and gross; it means more clothes will be added to your laundry. In a traditional washing machine, a single load can use up to 45 gallons of water. Then, the dishwasher uses about six gallons. Washing clothes and dishes not often can lower water usage and save your money.

Consider New Appliances

Your appliances at home may use more water than you think. But reducing your water bill is easy when you turn to water-efficient devices and fixtures. A smart-flush toilet can conserve up to 25 tons per day in an average household. Water-efficient appliances can utilize as little as five gallons per load. You can make a huge impact on your water bill when you change your appliances and fixtures to more water-efficient appliances.

Do Manual Lawn Care

Setting sprinklers on the lawn and forgetting it is easy, but it often causes wastewater and a high water bill. When you water your lawn, do it with your hands, not with an automatic system. If the kids want to play in the sprinkler, set it where the land needs more water. Be smart with your garden and pick plants that grow in hotter situations.

Know the Value of Water

The best way to lower your water usage and water bill is to know the value of water. The value of water is immeasurable by the number of your water bill. Water is essential for everyone. Millions of gallons are wasted through non- careful use. You can create a huge impact, not only on your bill but also on the world.

Educate Your Family and Others

And ultimately, educate your family and your neighbor in conserving water and why it is essential. If everyone does their part, we can create a tremendous impact in terms of conserving water. We hope these easy and simple tips in the summer can help you save water, reduce pollution, and lower your water usage. Lex’s Plumbing will help you discover the benefits of water conservation and the importance of plumbing maintenance in the summer. If you have questions about our plumbing services, call us to learn more.

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