Top 5 Resources for Preparing to Hike

Here are a few general tips to do the Camino de Santiago that will help you both to prepare your backpack and to prevent as much as possible the pain and small ailments that every pilgrim suffers.

Why did to choose Camino Norte?

As there are several waysto get toSantiago. The best known are the French Way, the Camino Primitivo, The Portuguese Way, the Way of the Via de la Plata, the North Road and Camino Ingles. There are also many more routes from all over Spain that link with the previous ones. People also loved the idea of ​​doing a less touristy trail68% of the pilgrims made the French way , 14.9% of the pilgrims the Portuguese way and 6.3% the north wayand the rest other ways.

The stages

You can have the stages you are going to do more or less planned, but later it will be your physical condition, the places you meet and especially the people you meet along the way who will set your pace. If you would do the tour in 6 or 7 days and finally you did it with 7 with complete peace of mind.

Sometimes you find a hostel that you like and decide to stay the night in it without delaying yourself a few kilometers. You can also reach another that you do not like or that is full which will force you to continue walking.


The credential is the document you need so that when you arrive in Santiago they give you the Compostelana, it is the pilgrim’s passport. The Compostela is only given to you if you walk for religious reasons and it costs 1.50 euros . The official credential also costs 1.50 euros and you can request it online or at any establishment granted by the Church.

You must bear in mind that if you do not have your credential stamped, you can be denied sleep in public shelters, although they never asked us for it.

Preparation of the backpack

The backpack that that are going to recommend is to follow the Camino de Santiago map for a week in summer. If you are going to do it for more days, you should wear basically the same. Only if you decide to do it in another season of the year should you add more warm clothes to protect yourself against the cold and rain. It rained a bit for us one day and the road is quite unpleasant 


Logically carrying a backpack is essential. The backpack you choose for walking should be good and should be attached to you so that it is as close to your back as possible. Regarding size, you manage with a 20-liter one, although there are pilgrims who carry larger backpacks. Reducing the weight as much as possible is important so wear just enough as your back will thank you. It is also very important that it is of quality and fits you well and that it has a hook around the waist so that the weight is well distributed. It is one of the elements in which you should not skimp.

A good option can be this Hiking Backpack.  If not in Decathlon you will have quality backpacks at a good price.

·      Trekking or running footwear

The main advantage presented by trekking boots is that if it rains take much longer to permeate water. It is very unpleasant to walk with your feet completely wet. Running shoes, on the other hand, weigh less and are more comfortable.

·      Flip flops

They are just as essential as boots or sneakers so that when you finish each stage you can be comfortable and without pressure of any kind on your feet. There are pilgrims who carry some older for showering.

·      Underwear

Here is discussion about briefs, panties and socks. Here you can choose between taking 2 or 3 changes

·      Walking stick

A hiking pole will help you especially to climb the long slopes. There are pilgrims who take two. It will come to you with a cheap one since it does not suffer too much during the tour. You can also pick up a stick on the way if you don’t have a cane and you see that you need a third support. The downside is that it weighs more and is not ergonomic.

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